Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daily Doo Doo

The NCAA's ruling on Cam Newton is Charlie,
and the kid getting bitten is TCU's National Title Hopes.
Charlie is kind of an asshole.

- I don't think anyone expected Newton to be suspended this weekend... but the fact that they ruled that Newton "had no knowledge" of his father's doings is just ludicrous. We all - *used to - hate the BCS, but letting the NCAA asshats run a football playoff is probably an equally terrifying proposition. Those dudes could screw up a ham sandwich.

- I'll give it to Mac Engel, he's a surprisingly competent TCU basketball beat reporter. Probably helps that the team is winning.

- I realize this isn't directly TCU related, but my goodness can you imagine how incredible Leach at Miami would be? He turned Sonny Cumbie, Kliff Kingsbury and something called Cody Hodges into winners in Lubbock... imagine him being able to walk outside and fall face forward into five star talent? Plus, he's still get to live at the beach and really embrace his inner pirate. I really, really want this to happen.

- Just another reason why you should never give someone a job in sports when the fanciest thing on their resume is that they were a contestant on the Bachelor.

- Now wouldn't THAT be something?


LA Frog said...

Know why Jesse's an a-hole? "It's gotta be the hair, Cotton"

NurseFrog31 said...

I'm 22 years old, and I think I might literally have a heart attack if both Oregon AND Auburn lose. That would make this season too much of a dream come true to stand.

NurseFrog31 said...

Also, PLEASE tell me everyone saw this:

Rotten Arsenal said...

Do you think the Rose Bowl is pissed that their Pac-10 & Big 10 teams are currently #s 2,4,5,6 so there is pretty much no way they can keep TCU out of the Rose Bowl unless Auburn or Oregon lose and the BCS puts TCU in the #1 or 2 spot?

Sarah said...

As a Miami Frog, it would be pretty interesting if Mike Leach becomes the next coach at the U, but it sounds like he isn't on the short list because of his "baggage". Thank you for bringing up the bachelor thing, I just can't take Jesse Palmer serious at all!