Friday, December 10, 2010

Corso on the Way Out?

I didn't watch the ESPN College Football Awards Show last night... but I DID get drunk and join the twitterverse, so this morning I saw the above video in a tweet from Stewart Mandel where he suggested that the old man may have wrapped up his career as a haphazard prognosticator/plushie fetishta, which I do not think is an actual word. I suppose the "moving montage tribute" is typically the first, softer kick before the more forceful swift kick out the door in thie type of situation, and given Lee Corso's recent health issues and subsequent verbal stumbles this year on the set of Gameday, I wouldn't doubt that this is exactly that. Regardless though, no matter what we think about Corso and no matter how many times he's made us want to stab ourselves in the eyes with a spork from Wendy's by picking Oregon State to win by 3 TDs, he's been an incredibly impactful presence on the way we watch college football. Seriously, in 50 years when you think back to your formative days as a college football fan, of the many, many things thatwill immediately spring to mind, I'd be willing to bet Corso will be one of the first. So if this is the end of the road, farewell, oh fake baked one, and I'll always remember the time you threw a decapitated Cougar head at LaVell Edwards in favor of the Frog.

Also along the "when you think back in 50 years..." thing, you'll probably remember the vacated 2011 national title from the Auburn Tigers... so here's a video.

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