Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Basketball Frogs back in action tonight

After being idle for more than a week following a road loss against Nebraska, Jim Christian and the 7-4 Horned Frog basketball team are back in action tonight against Northwestern State. The Demons come to Fort Worth 8-3 on the season and riding a 5-game win streak which includes victories over Louisiana Tech, Canisius, Centenary and two schools that are abbreviated "MV" and "BAPT" which apparently are so good that ESPN.com doesn't even have a page for them.

David Peterson of HornedFrogSports.com, who has watched this TCU team closer than I have, would like to see Christian give more minutes to J.R. Cadot, the 6'5" guard from the Bahamas. I don't have any in-depth analysis to add to Dave's, but I do know that I want revenge on Northwestern State from when they beat TCU in football in 2001. Losing to a I-AA team = sucks. Losing to a I-AA team when you're a pledge = REALLY sucks.

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