Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 13 Hate/Players to Watch Combo

So, earlier this week I neglected to do a New Mexico hate post, because I felt like it was pretty obvious why they are hated. Their coach is the worst in college football, a drain on the MWC, a hot head, they suck, etc, etc, etc. They are so bad, that even picking players to watch is a bit of a waste of time, especially since it's a holiday weekend and I'm not really focused on which of their shitty players could potentially be the one to score their 1 touchdown. So I'll give you the quickest version of players to watch to date, followed by the most hate fueled rage hate that we've seen probably since SMU, and it has nothing to do with New Mexico...

Lucas Reed (Soph. TE, 6'6 232, #97)

Yep- Tight End #97.

I thought having a number in the 90's and being a TE was something reserved for crappy, slow Big 10 schools in the mid-1990s, but I guess UNM is trying to bring it back. Reed has 5 touchdowns, which is 2 more than anyone else on the team. I don't know off the top of my head, but I'd be willing to bet we have about 6 guys with more than 5 touchdowns. He's second on the team in receiving yards with 459, and leads the team averaging 13.9 yards per catch. Clearly UNM has a lethal vertical passing game. This team sucks, I can't do this anymore.

I wish...

Now to the real hate. I'm sure by now many of you have read the Ohio State president's comments about TCU and Boise. Now in a week where finding hate is hard to do because of one of the greatest weekends of the year in my opinion, this nerdy old fuck has managed to make my blood boil. I don't even know where to begin when dissecting the dusty old curmudgeon's comments. Gordon Gee, the geriatric in question, went as far as to insult all of our opponents as well, calling them "little sisters of the poor". You know what, Gordo, it would be one thing to hear this from the President of say, Alabama, LSU, Florida, Texas, OU, USC, or a team that can AT LEAST compete in a national championship game, but if I remember correctly, the last 2 times your slow ass, Big 10 school got steamrolled in the national championship game, sparking the debate of whether or not Big 10 schools should be in the championship game against far superior talent and athletes. If you wanted a fair shake at the championship game, maybe you shouldn't get run roughshod over by Wisconsin, a far superior football team. Oh, and what about last year? Didn't you lose to FUCKING PURDUE??? Your one national championship under that nerdy sweater-vested midwesterner was due to a phantom pass interference call and having a RB on your team that was more suited for Shawshank than a college campus.

National Champion.

Also, when you're trying to bitch and moan about how your team deserve it more than others, maybe you shouldn't preface your argument with "Well, I don't know enough about the X's and O's of college football." To me that reads "I'm just an old ass twerp who spends his Saturdays playing cribbage with my wife and her friends, and haven't seen anyone outside of Ohio State play all season." And please, spare me this stupid, tired argument that Ohio State runs through a "gauntlet" in the Big 10. Marshall, Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Miami (who sucks), Illinois, Indiana, Purdue (although they beat you last year), Minnesota, Penn State, and Michigan are just as average as your run of the mill MWC teams. In fact, ALL those teams I just listed flat out SUCK, and would get smoked by Utah, SDSU, and potentially BYU the way they are playing right now. Yes, Mr. Gee, you beat Iowa, by 3 points. Good for you. The same Iowa team who last to Northwestern. I guess you could argue that the Big 10 has 3 really good teams this year, but I'm not sold on Michigan State, who I think will lose to lowly Penn State this weekend, thus further crapping on Gordon Gee's point. And it doesn't even matter because Ohio State doesn't play Michigan State.

I assume this is after one of their overrated teams got blown away by an SEC foe.

So my point is this- if you played TCU or Boise, it would look a lot like those 2 national championships against the SEC where you got blasted and run off the field by halftime. I'm not saying we are as good as those teams were then, but you aren't good either, and you prove that by losing EVERY year. Before you run your old mouth, maybe you should watch the teams play that you are bashing, because we would CRUSH you. Yes, the National Championship game is the ultimate goal for Horned Frog and Bronco fans, but man, I sure would LOVE a consolation prize of playing the Buckeyes somewhere and treating them like the "Little Sisters of the Poor" that we play week in and week out. Fuck you, Gordon Gee. I hope you break your hip


Middle Man said...

I havent seen a hate tirade like that in a while. Bravo

James Ward said...

As a BSU fan and soon to be MWC member I think you guys need this contact info for Gordon so you can tell him what you think of him also. I hope you send off some good emails like we have here in bronco nation. Enjoy and good luck the rest of the way out.

President E. Gordon Gee
Phone: (614) 292-2424

Rotten Arsenal said...

Ahhhhh... Happy Hatesgiving!

CounselorFrog said...

Seriously Gee, just die. Really. Douche bag.

LA Frog said...

So, Gee thinks the BCS is good for student athletes? Tell that to the 47 teams (-10 going to BCS game) better than Pitt going to shitty games in Charlotte, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Tampa, Dallas, Bossier City, etc

CrabblerK3 said...

Gordon Gee can die in a tire fire.