Friday, November 5, 2010

Spitblood predictions: The Utah Game

(Keep watching for the completely-normal song at the 4:40 mark)

I've got an out of town meeting this afternoon, so I wanted to make sure I got this posted before I have to leave. I've been watching so-called "experts" making their predictions on this game all week, but I want to know what the readers of Spit Blood think. Let me know your predicted final score, who you think Lee Corso will pick on Game Day, players of the game for offense, defense and special teams, and what the end result of the developing Cam Newton story at Auburn will be.


Lyle Lanley said...

I'm gonna go with what my gut told me earlier in the week. He said, "Lyle, the Frogs are gonna win give me some damn wings!"

I think that, as much as we make fun of Corso for his senility, he does have respect for the Frogs deep down. For the third time in two years, the Pencil Factory VP dons the Super Frog head.

Offense: I think Wesley will have the best stats, but this is Dalton's game to win. I look for a very efficient, gritty performance from #14- much like the Clemson game last year.

Defense: I think GP unleashes some never-before-seen blitzes on Jordan Wynn, but it's the never-before-seen coverage schemes that really make the difference. Tank gets not one but TWO INTs.

Special Teams: I really don't want to think about how special teams affected the '08 game in Salt Lake, so I won't. Kerley, who barely played in that game, is tired of hearing all this talk about Shaky Smithson taking over as the most-feared returner in the MWC. He may not score a ST touchdown, but Kerley will make his presence felt in the return game.

Cam Newton...hold on, let me put on my cynical hat. Nothing's gonna happen...because Auburn's a big state school. If Newton were at TCU, SMU, Baylor, etc, he'd be declared ineligible within 48 hours.

shortnkerley's said...

TCU 20, Uterus 13.

I agree, and think that everyone's favorite Muppet Baby Lee Corso puts on the Frog hat, because he wants to redeem himself for being a fool and predicting us to lose by 3 TD's to Oregon State.

Offense- Agree with Lyle on the Dalton thing, and I think if Dalton isn't the MVP of this game offensively, then we don't win. It wont be flashy, but I see an Oregon State type performance from him, except hopefully without the picks.

Defense- I always have a hard time with this, since we always play as such a whole, but I'll take Greg McCoy. I think he's been overshadowed by the outstanding play of Teague of late, and Wynn tries to pick on his side of the field and pays dearly. McCoy gets a pick.

Special Teams- The reason I picked 20 and not 21 is because Ross Evans misses his first PAT. It's in his head. Sorry to be negative. However, Kelton keeps Shaky from getting any room to return by angling punts and getting good hang time.

Cam Newton will get the Reggie Bush treatment and nothing will happen while he's in school, but the retroactive punishment will screw both him and Auburn in about 5 years. However, this does turn Heisman voters off and he won't win it this year. Enjoy it LaMichael James.

Middle Man said...

Frogs 31-17

Dont care what Corso does but Ill go with the Frogs.

Offense: Think Andy is going to have a game where he is touched by the hand of God and massacres them similar to the Mountain Meadows massacre except the roles will be reversed.

Defense: Expecting to see Teague continue to dominate whoever he is on. Pick 6 this week.

Special Teams: Kerley.

Cam Newton just killed his heisman campaign.

LA Frog said...

TCU 41 Johnny Utah 24

Corrso picks Utes due to home field advantage/win steak

O: Dalton is good -- not great -- but his surprise rushing yards makes him tops in Offense

D: I agree that Wynn is going to pick on McCoy; McCoy rises to the challenge and denys the long ball (3 pass breakups)

ST: Kerley is pissed Shakes the Clown is getting his national coverage -- Kerley gets over 150 return yards

Nothing happens to Cam -- this is a BCS ploy to get all the national attention off the non-AQ schools (Cam can't be that stupid to want cash with only 1 opportunity left to be a top Division 1 college QB)

Slay Purple said...

TCU 28 - Utah 14

Corso: picks the Frogs and mentions receiving the gameball from the Oregon State game. Heirbstret prays that somehow TCU & Utah can loss this game at the same time.

Offense: Dalton is in complete control of the offense so if he does well we win. Also predicting that 'toine gets a nice long TD.

Defense: Colin Jones is the shit.

Special Teams: Kerley literally breaks someones ankles in a Top 10-esque return

Newton: Plays for Auburn, who could keep us out of the National Championship, so while "NCAA investigation" occurs nothing will be "discovered" until after he leaves.

VikingFrog said...

Good Guys: 35

Bad Guys: 7

Keep the 7 points or less streak alive because the Frogs play lights out.

LA Frog said...

Holy shitters! Stewart Mandel over at has picked TCU to win. He has dogged us all year. Maybe he has seen the light?

spoiledguineafrog said...

17-10 frogs

corso: ill be surprised if its not superfrog. i think he really likes that head.

offense: wesley. dalton has a tendency to get big game jitters. (although i believe an afternoon game is in our favor)

defense: toss up. instinct tells me this game will be a defensive battle.

special teams: kerley.

cam newton: agree with slay purple, verbatim.