Friday, November 12, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: San Diego State

If AT&T can pretty much nail 2010 from all the way back when wearing a backpack on just one shoulder was cool, the least you can do is try to predict what will happen one day from now. Submit your prediction for tomorrow's final score in the comments section, along with players of the game for offense, defense and special teams, along with the final attendance.


Lyle Lanley said...

I'm going with Frogs 37, Aztecs 17.

Offense- Dalton stays hot.

Defense- Wayne Daniels with 1.5 sacks.

Special Teams- Greg Burks makes another highlight-reel hit.

Attendance- 46,000 even.

shortnkerley's said...

52-21 Frogs.

Offense- Agreed, Dalton continues a late season Heisman push since Cam Newton is going down in flames and totals 4 touchdowns.

Defense- Lindley throws some picks, and I think McCoy takes one to the house.

Special Teams- Kerley. On Senior Day. Need I say more?

Attendance- 46,001. You just got Price is Righted, Lyle.

THEFINCH said...

TCU 41 SDSU 10

VikingFrog said...

TCU 38


The defense continues to roll.

John Kimble said...

Frogs - 48 Aztecs 10

Offense - Rolls Boyce has another big receiving day

Defense - The Carder on a pick 6

Special Teams - Kerley breaks one

We will not even have to wait for the Iron Bowl for AU to lose. The Dawgs will get the dub tomorrow...

Adam said...

Frogs 42 SDSU 6


It'll forever be known as the the Kid from Hutto game.

Attendence 42,000

Also, The Tigers lose this week in Athens, and the other Tigers lose in Little Rock the week after.

Write it down.