Friday, November 26, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: New Mexico

As David Petereson of points out, the next 48 hours are fairly important for TCU football. Not only are the Frogs going for their second consecutive 12-0 regular season and outright MWC title tomorrow afternoon in Albuquerque, but by the time they kick off all three of the teams they are competing with for a spot in the BCS Championship Game will have played big games, as well.

So I want to hear your opinion: give me your regular prediction for the TCU game tomorrow (final score, players of the game for offense/defense/special teams) as well as who among Oregon (vs. Arizona), Auburn (at Alabama) or Boise (at Nevada) will stumble today.


Lyle Lanley said...

Give me Frogs 51, Lobos 3.

Offense- Dalton with a career-high 5 TD passes.

Defense- Take your pick between Tank and Tanner, as they'll both end up with double-digit tackle totals.

Special Teams- Kerley, finally?

I think Auburn goes down to Alabama, and Oregon survives a scare from Arizona. Boise, unfortunately, I see continuting to roll. Hope I'm wrong about that one.

Andrew said...

Auburn is the only one to lose, sadly. Oregon wins a close one but ESPN talking heads say "Oregon found a way to win tonight, which is what all championship caliber teams do." They'll proceed to trash TCU's 5-point win over SDSU.

Frogs win it against NM 56-0. Really can't see NM scoring in any way.

Dalton plays 1st 2 quarters, Pachall gets a TD pass (maybe thats being wishful).

Mr. Bubbakins said...

TCU - 54
UNM - 7

Player of Game - Ross Evans - 6 of 8 on PATs

Alabma wins
Oregon wins
Boise wins unconvincingly, but no one will seem to care.

bobsled6921 said...

Frogs win easy and I'm even going to say another shut-out game. I'm betting 61-0.

Oregon wins barely.
Auburn goes down in the Iron bowl.
Boise wins by two touchdowns and that's just enough for them to jump the frogs.

BCS rankings are a mess and the championship game ends up Oregon vs. Auburn (after they beat s. car in the SEC championship) Then frog fans start complaining, boise fans start complaining and the BCS makes more money in another Boise/TCU game then in the national championship.

Tanner said...

meanwhile, a 6-4 Pitt team is in the lead of the Big East, and will prob. get the auto bid = wtf.

Slay Purple said...

Frogs 55, Gay Wolves 0

Boyce gets another 2 TD passes as Dalton Throws over 300 & 4tD

Teague & McCoy get pissed about the last 6 minutes of football they played and get 2 INT's between them.

Kerley takes a kickoff back

Arizona holds Oregon's run game, but Oregon still wins by 2 TDs. Nobody at ESPN mentions that this will only be the second bowl eligible team Oregon Beats...Bama falls to Auburn, but Auburn falls to USC. Boise wins by 5 points and ESPN talks about the poise Moore had to come back and beat a "very-underrated" Nevada.

Del Conte is the shit

Tanner said...

i hope the sec goes o-fer in bowls, just because of the cbs announcers. wow. it actually sounds like the sec is the only d-1 conference by the way they talk. good lord, get some more homers why don't you.

"this is why i think teams from the bigger conferences should be given the benefit of the doubt over the smaller guys, because they don't have to play alabama." get over yourself. beat clemson by more than 3 points in overtime and ill be more impressed. kentucky.

Tanner said...


Jibreel Riley said...

Boise State laid an egg, y'all might be Rose Bowl bound

Tanner said...

after reading the comments on the article about the game on, now i'm just pissed. i didn't even think about the repercussions if boise lost and everyone thought they were fakes.

they are def not fakes and i would put them against anyone in the country this year or last. just like us. hell for that matter, sdsu, after they get some experience. i said it all today to anyone that would listen that boise would hand anyone their ass in any game. did tonight change my opinion? hell no.

now we get more arguments from shitty cbs homers about how their conferences are better. still we needed them to lose. so...PACK WINS.

LA Frog said...

Love the TCU flag waving dead center in the background of ESPN GameDay. Go Frogs!