Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sour Grapes - Big East Edition.

Lately it appears that either the Mountain West has the most apathetic blogging fanbases in the world who do not care about their team win or lose... or that intrepid SB blogger mankdog has simply abandoned his post. Regardless, I thought I'd take the reins this week and see what they're saying around the country about TCU's big move to the big east, plus any comments that I deem necessary.

The Dallas Morning News' Tim Cowlishaw offered up his thoughts, describing the move as "understandable, but strange." He calls it strange because he believes TCU has just as good of a shot at making the NC as a non-AQ as they do in the Big East, where the conference will always be overshadowed by the SEC, Big Ten, and UT/Oklahoma. He then questions if this move is really just driven by football and describes how the move makes complete sense for TCU. Apparently Captain Obvious is on the payroll at the DMN.

wacotexas says... "Do you have a Scott Drew and staff to take you to another level in basketball?" OOOOH Baylor on the loose!

My journeys across the web then took me to Boise Fan Site OBNUG.com, where I presumed the vitriol would be FLYING. What did I find? Actually, they're pretty pleased with it - most view it as a their ticket to the guaranteed non-AQ bid, ad infinitum. And most of them agreed that they would've done the exact same thing and that they can't blame us. Then again, not everyone is on board:

Loque says..."

I had reservations about cheering on TCU in their bowl game. I now have a HUGE boon lifted off me so I can hope they burn in their bowl game — wherever they go to." We'd do the same thing.

The readers of the Sportsnation blog on ESPN.com disagree with the geographical aspect of TCU joining the league, but 68% agree that TCU will run the thing in 2012. One fan even suggests we should've only been invited for football and only football.

ryanmoblackie6206 says... "TCU should have just join in Football and only football there other sports there have you have never heard of they teams so they should stay in MWC and onlt play in football" ryanmoblackie apparently doesn't have a grasp of America's Pastime... or the English language.

I kind of thought the Dallas Morning News article about the move would feature all sorts of negative statements from the pro Big 12/SMU readers, but all I got was this

bandit10 says... "TCU......HA! Tired of hearing about them." So... burn?

and, of course, everyone still disputes TCU's track record.

r86 says... "TCU and Boise State should once again play each other for the Consolation Bowl. Sorry, they don't have the schedule, nor will they any time in the near future have the fan base to play "big time football". Just a fact." Apparently he's unaware of the whole BCS Conference concept.

ESPN.com's Ivan Maisel apparently wishes he still lived in the days of leather helmets and instant gridiron death because he refuses to accept that money is what drives not only college football but the entire free world.

Not a commenter, but Dan Jenkins isn't too optimistic about Christian's Frogs...""We should keep winning football games," Jenkins said, "but we're not likely to win a basketball game the rest of my lifetime."

ESPNDallas.com's Richard Durrett hits the nail on the head in his article, but sadly the one commenter lives in some diluted reality.

swimfan says... "Very confused!! I went to TCU and was an athlete there as well. I dont understand why we dont wait for the Big 12. It would have been the best fit. Instead we are forcing ourselves into a situation that is not best for all sports. I am a die hard football fan and love the move strategically...but for most of the sports we are not good enough to compete in the Big East! Once again, smart move for football and BCS implications, but I think we should have held out for the Big 12!" You don't understand sports... because swimming isn't one.

Actually some pretty insightful analysis in this article from ESPN.com's Big East blog and lots of level headed commentary and welcomes from from the Big East faithful. Except for this guy.

BBall 72_42 says... "THis is really stupid for TCU!" point taken, good sir, you've really expressed the facts of the matter.

Andrea Adelman... probably not too excited about her future with ESPN.com now that there is only one dominant non-AQ team to cover. And this guy isn't impressed with our move.

WilliamsEph97 says..."One garbage team going to a garbage conference, and this is front page news?." Considering this was the headline on MSN.com last night, which typically only reports on Kim Kardashian's increasingly caucasian dating habits, apparently someone out there is interested.

and finally, here are what the real thinkers - the Big East bloggers at SBNation - are saying. Apparently they view Rutgers kind of like the Big 12 views Baylor.





For the most part, it appears that everyone not in the Mountain West Conference feels good about the move, which makes sense because it's a no brainer for both sides. But, there are always going to be naysayers to any idea, and voicing those opinions is what the internet is for. I've just scratched the surface though, so hopefully everyone else can do some digging of their own and fill us in.


Mankdog said...

Thanks for taking the reins Sir Wesley, sorry I've been MIA from the Sour Grapes post but to tell you the truth, we have just been beating teams so badly that their fans have been resigned to commenting on how good we our to make their pathetic teams look better. Well done with this post, and I promise to get back in action after our bowl game.

spoiledguineafrog said...

Here's some more for you:

bonnieam says: "I almost went to TCU, however I ended up going to Michigan. They were giving me everything to go there...scholarships, housing, a job, etc. I was the top picked high school student for my particular program (Athletic Training) and my acceptance letter was a personalized letter from the dean (apparently that doesn't happen everyday). Everything for me was set and I chose elsewhere because TCU's football team wasn't very good, especially since I'd be working so closely with them. I needed more so I chose Michigan. I understand all of this conference nonsense and why they might not deserve it, but I also think that TCU had improved a lot over the last few years and for a private university they're on a decent track for being in Texas. So letting them play in a BCS bowl might be the wake up call they need to really recognize that they still have a long way to go."

wanderingreveries says: "I always laughed at the people (mainly TCU fans) who suggested that TCU should get a Big 12 invite, because TCU brought nothing to the table (neither did Baylor in the beginning, but that was political). This shows me that TCU is chickenshit. Boise State joined the Mountain West; it looked like the Mountain West would be fairly competitive (and frankly a better conference than the Big East). Instead of staying and playing in a good conference against a good opponent, they skedaddle to the Big East where they can lord over the sorry teams in that conference and get to a BCS game every year.
I hope the Big East loses their BCS bid. I just think they look chickenshit to leave the conference after Boise joins."

sarahsome says: "TCU, as much as they like to think otherwise, will always be the redheaded stepchild of the DFW area. UNT is a much larger school and SMU is a much wealthier school, with still a larger enrollment. SMU cares most about having a football tradition that draws large crowds for tailgates and sells out home games, than a football tradition about winning games. SMU knows their a bunch of rich assholes and they don't care."

lincolnluxor says: "TCU:

Grades - Not an Ivy league school
Basketball - Work in progress
Football - CHECK! Recently started winning
Location - Good, but other people have claimed it also.
History - Nope
Stadium Capacity - <45k
Cash - TCU probably isn’t pulling a lot of donation whales.
If they can get any 4 of the above, most major conferences will start to look at them closely. They are at 1, possibly 2 right now."

Haters gonna hate!!!!