Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inside The Numbers

Finally the elections are over and I can get my life back in order, meaning focusing every minute of my day on Frog football. As Tuesday night's haze began to lift and I started to work through the numbers from election day a few things became glaringly obvious to me. A series of signs, premonitions if you will, of what to expect this weekend.

1: Governorship taken from the Democrats. Gary Patterson's proverbial win by a point motto will go out the window this weekend and Cuba will make his presence felt.

3: The number of seats TN took away from the Democrats in Congress. Throwing toward our own #3, Tejay Johnson would be ill advised for young Mr. Wynn.

4: The number of new Republicans elected to Congress in TN. Casey Pachall will see time thanks to early Frog domination.

14: The number of seats we picked up in the TN house. This is surely nothing less than a sign that Andy Dalton is ready to rip the skin off Utah's secondary.

17: The combined total of targeted pickups in TN : Tyler Lutrell will again take someone to the woodshed

Back to the post-election binge. See you hooligans in Salt Lake City.

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