Thursday, November 11, 2010

I had one Spit Blood reader ask me if, after last weekend's developments, I would continue with these Strenff of Schedule posts. Sure, it does look like the Frogs are a pretty solid #3 right now, with no chance to pass Oregon or Auburn if they remain undefeated and little chance of being passed by Boise State. But hey, we've all been watching college football for a while, right? What you "know" one week in college football can be flip-turned upside down in an instant, so you're gonna have to suffer through these posts the rest of the season. Deal with it!

Game of the Week:

Utah (8-1) at Notre Dame (4-5)...1:30pm Saturday on NBC*
-It was pretty nauseating to hear people being critical of the Frogs' 47-7 win in Salt Lake City last weekend by saying that the Utes were "overrated". That's like finally beating your older brother in driveway hoops and then him claiming that he let you win. Utah could do a lot to validate what happened last Saturday by going out and taking care of the Irish on national TV.

Other Big'uns:

Baylor (7-3) vs. Texas A&M (6-3)...6:00pm Saturday on FSN
-For two weeks, Baylor was ranked and...hold on, let me repeat that...BAYLOR WAS RANKED and appeared to be the Frogs' biggest SOS help before the Frogs showed that they may not need it. Good thing, too, because the Bears experienced another of those "flukes" against the Cowboys, losing by about a million...I couldn't tell you the final score because I was busy being way too nervous for the Frogs' game that later I felt really silly about being nervous for. Baylor's chances of winning the Big 12 South are probably shot now, but they can still gain respectability with a strong finish.

Oregon State (4-4) vs. Washington State (1-9)...3:00pm Saturday on Fox Sports Northwest
-The Beavers have definitely had a frustrating season, and before they can think about playing spoiler against Stanford or Oregon later this year, they need to focus on winning winnable games like this weekend's game against Wazzu to ensure bowl eligibility. It should be noted that it is "Dad's Weekend" in Corvallis, which sounds like a recipe for a lot of 50-something year old men staying out way too late and making complete asses of themselves. I hope whatever college my future kids go to has something like this.


BYU (4-5) at Colorado State (3-7)...1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-I'm not sure a win for either of these teams is going to affect TCU that much, but BYU still has a chance to gain bowl eligibility, which would mean straight cash homey for TCU. Plus, you never want the embarrassment of your conference not being able to fill bowl slots.

New Mexico (1-8) at Air Force (6-4)...5:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Hold up, what?! New Mexico won a game?!?! It'd be really easy to jokingly ask if they played the Dallas Cowboys here, but in fact it was the doo-doo brown Wyoming Cowboys that they defeated. Air Force, on the other hand, clinched the Commander in Chief's trophy last weekend and is among the teams on TCU's schedule that are doing the Frogs proud right now.

Tennesee Tech (4-5) vs. Eastern Kentucky (4-5)...1:30pm Saturday
-Please, Tennesee Tech, just please finish the year with a winning record. I don't think your record even really matters in terms of the Frogs' strength of schedule, but how hard is it to win 6 games in I-AA?

Wyoming (2-8) at UNLV (1-8)...9:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-I would rather watch re-runs of "Mad About You" than this game. I'm dead serious.

*-Pig Vomit tells me I need to pronounce it "Eeeeeeeeeeeeyun-B-C"

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