Friday, November 5, 2010

History Lesson: Deseret

For those of you that actually pay attention to the Morning Dump, you've probably noticed quite a few articles over the years from a publication called Deseret News during weeks in which the Frogs are taking on either Utah or BYU. Like many of you, for a long time I assumed this was an unintentional mispelling of "desert" on the part of Spit Purple. Then I actually looked into it, and found that Deseret was actually the original name of the state that the Mormon settlers wanted to establish with the United States, and that it's proposed boundaries extended into the present-day boundaries of every MWC state, except for Texas. Anyway, I figure I'm not the only complete dork who might be interested in this little bit of history, so here, read about it yourself.

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LA Frog said...

I too thought it was a misspelling and went into what I thought was "Desert Books" looking for a Maxim magazine, when I walked in the 1st section I went to, I thought, was the Religious section, then I noticed the whole store was a religious section. I did almost buy a painting of "the man" in front of the main temple in SLC, but I didn't want to spend $300. Even knowing where I was I still had to ask for what I was looking for -- the look on the employees' face when I asked if they carried Maxim was priceless