Friday, November 5, 2010

Gameday Weather

Fortunately the giant weather dong will miss SLC this weekend.
For those of you who are so obsessed with every detail of this game from our hotel accomodations, to making sure we pack the proper cleats, to acceptable pre-game meals (I hear Jimmy Young is prone to Randy Moss blowups when it comes to food), you'll be glad to know that the weather for Salt Lake City at the time of kickoff seems to be ideal, according to High of 71, low of 48 (which wont matter during the game), winds of 5-10 mph.

Seeing as how we've had our struggles offensively in the past in freezing cold games, it's good to know that the weather in Salt Lake will be warmer than it is in Fort Worth. Now if only we were capable of overcoming that damned undefeatable altitude problem we have...