Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frogs #3, but watch out...

After this weekend's action, TCU finds themselves at #3 with one more test remaining for the two teams ranked above them. Being that there are only three undefeated teams left in the entire country, logic would tell you that #3 would rise into one of the top two spots if Auburn or Oregon were to falter next weekend, right?

Wrong, according to the "experts" at ESPN.

Watching the BCS Countdown show on ESPN Sunday night, and it's clear that the network that has the television rights to the BCS is letting the nation know they do not want the Horned Frogs to be part of the championship game they'll be airing.

Kirk Herbstreit, Craig James and Rod Gilmore all declared that TCU would not deserve a shot at the title if Auburn or Oregon were to lose next weekend. In fact, Gilmore didn't even have TCU in his Top 5! It should be noted that Gilmore is a Stanford alum, and I believe shortnkerley's will be letting you know his opinion on Gilmore later this week.

When you look at this week's standings, it is clear that the computers and the human voters as a whole consider the Frogs to be the #3 team in the country. Given their healthy lead over #4 Stanford in the computers (they are actually closer to #2 Oregon than they are to Stanford), a scenario in which the Frogs are shut out of the title game for a 1-loss team would mean a good number of voters actively deciding to vote against TCU.

Keep an eye on what the haters are saying throughout the week...

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