Monday, November 8, 2010

Del Conte tells the Big East what the dealy is

While the internet rumor mill continues to chew on the "TCU to the Big East" nugget, there has been a lot of speculation that the Frogs may be invited...but only for football. Would TCU accept such a proposal? I didn't think so, but that was confirmed by Athletic Director Chris Del Conte's comments to The Sporting News that the school's athletic programs "will compete as one unit."

Bravo, CDC. The Big East needs our football program more than we need them.


Rotten Arsenal said...

Good. The Big East provides us almost nothing in football other than a BCS AQ which we'd probably still have problems with Strength of Schedule. Boise in the MWC is more impressive than than the BEast. Either we get a slice of the basketball and baseball or there really is no need to go. Hell, if we don't join, I wouldn't be surprised if the BEast loses it's AQ in the future anyway.

Lyle Lanley said... offers AQ status as well as significantly increased TV revenue and better bowl opportunities.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I'm the biggest proponent of going to the Big East as anyone, so don't take this the wrong way... but man, if we were in the BE this year, we'd be even farther out of the national title discussion than we are now. Definitely say take the money and auto bid because of the loss of Utah and BYU, but ugh, why can't a real conference pick up the phone?

Rotten Arsenal said...

I'm not saying there is no benefit to joining as football only, but I just think the problems outweigh the advantages. We essentially become the same as BYU where we screw a conference (MWC) and leave our non-football sports in limbo. And while I realize that football rules in this country, we have a baseball team that is poised to become a national power and I'd rather not do anything that would damage that (although, I'm not sure the BEast would do much to help that).
Seriously, where do our non-football sports end up if we go Big East in football? You really think the MWC or WAC would have us? I guess CUSA would be an option, but at that point, we almost might just be better off working a super conference deal with the MWC and CUSA and just stay where we are.

Lyle Lanley said...

I'm pretty sure the point of Del Conte's comments were that we're NOT going to put our football program in a different conference than the rest of our sports.

I bet we end up joining the Big East for all sports.

Little moe with the gimpy leg said...

How about inviting BSU for football only and TCU full membership? I bet they would go for that