Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coming to terms with last weekend

Like many of you, I was not a happy camper on Sunday morning as the reality of the previous day's events began to sink in. As much as the "experts" are coming down on the Frogs for "struggling" against a 7-2 team, let's face it, it was Utah's complete meltdown in South Bend that did the most damage to the Frogs' BCS resume.

To delve into why Utah's post-TCU loss at Notre Dame was them being "exposed as overrated" and Virginia Tech's post-Boise State loss to I-AA James Madison at home was them "being so demoralized by the Boise loss that they lost to them twice" is to try to understand the minds of idiots. Essentially, the folks at ESPN have divided themselves into two tribes: one that is rah, rah Boise and the other that supports TCU. This week, the orange & blue followers have the greater traction in spinning the situation.

But before we start packing up & heading home like a bunch of totally beaten-down Yankee or Longhorn fans, let's just realize that this team is still 11-0 and is still #3 in the BCS. When the "experts" say that Boise passing up TCU is inevitable, just remember that they don't know shit. There's still a lot of football to be played, and what we think we know right now about college football can be completely flipped upside-down from week to week.

So let's all enjoy this week off as time given our banged-up team to rest and cheer like mad against the Broncos, Ducks and Tiger/War Eagles.


art vandalay said...

fresno state clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

Adam said...

Will I root like hell for Fresno on Friday, yes. Will they let me down, yes.