Thursday, November 4, 2010

After Baylor's win over Texas coincided last week with the Frogs jumping Boise State in the BCS rankings, I have to say that I felt quite validated about the time I have spent over the past few years, slaving over a hot stove to bring you guys (and gals?) these strength of schedule write-ups. Anywho, I'm watching Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech right now, cheering for the Yellow Jackets against the wishes of my Georgia Bulldog roomate because a loss for Virginia Tech is bad for Boise State.

Game of the Week:

Baylor (7-2) at Oklahoma State (7-1)...11:30am Saturday on FSN
-It feels weird to root for Baylor, doesn't it? It's kind of like when Terminator 2 came out and people realized that Ah-nold was now the good guy. But seriously, Baylor being ranked 22nd and in the thick of the Big 12 Championship hunt is an immense help to TCU right now, and Frog fans everywhere should be rooting for the Bears' Cinderella story to continue.

Other Big'uns:

Air Force (5-4) at Army (5-3)...11:00am Saturday on CBS-College
-Alright, Falcons- you took your lumps the last two weeks against the Frogs and Utes, but now it's time to start looking like the team who was ranked until that loss to San Diego State earlier in the season. On the line for Air Force as they travel to upstate New York? Their first Commander in Chief's Trophy since 2002. It's also one of the few non-conference games remaining for any MWC team this seaosn.

Oregon State (4-3) at UCLA (3-5)...6:00pm Saturday on Versus
-After the disappointing loss at Washington heading into the bye-week, the Beavers came back with avengence in destroying Cal last week, 35-7. At 3-1 in Pac 10 play, their Rose Bowl dreams are still alive, but they'll have to take care of the Bruins (who won in Austin earlier this year, you'll remember) first.

SMU (5-4) at UTEP (5-4)...8:00pm Saturday
-Down by two scores late in the game last week against Tulane ,the Mustangs rallied to win and keep alive their Conference USA title hopes. A win in El Paso would make the Ponies bowl-eligible for the second consecutive year.

Colorado State (3-6) at San Diego State (6-2)...9:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-The Aztecs are already heading to a bowl game at the end of the season, but a win against the Rams on Saturday would put them at 7-2 heading into their trip to Fort Worth next weekend.


UNLV (1-7) at BYU (3-5)...1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-If rooting for Baylor makes you feel dirty, having to cheer for BYU probably makes you feel like a sorority girl from Texas State. But with the dregs of the Mountain West coming up on the Cougars' schedule, it's possible that they could rally to get back to a bowl this year. While I'll laugh at them if they don't get there, it's probably best for the Frogs and the league if they do.

Wyoming (2-7) at New Mexico (0-8)...5:00pm Saturday on Them Mtn
-Why is this game on TV? Seriously, people talk about kids being exposed to sex or gratuitous violence on television...but do you really want young, impressionable minds to be viewing this putrid excuse for a football game? If TCU is destined to stay in the Mountain West, then I hope for the best for both of these programs. But if the Frogs are headed to the Big East, then I will curse the bottom of this conference for dragging TCU down all these years. Wyoming is a Boise State victim and New Mexico is an Oregon victim, so pick your poison here.

Tennessee Tech (4-4) at Murray State (3-5)...1:00pm Saturday
-It'd probably be better if Tennessee Tech had a winning record, right? And Murray State probably owes me after they fucked up my bracket in the NCAA Tournament by beating Vandy in the first round. Who picks Vanderbilt to go to the Sweet 16? People that like losing $20 in their office pool, apparently.

Other games in which I'll mandate your rooting interest:

-Memphis against Tennessee (Oregon victim)
-Middle Tennessee against Arkansas State (Auburn victim...who scored 26 on the Tigers)
-NC State against Clemson (Auburn victim)
-Florida Internation against Louisiana-Monroe (Auburn victim)
-Northern Illinois against Toledo (Boise victim)
-Northwestern against Penn State (Alabama victim)
-Virginia against Duke (Alabama victim)

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Lyle Lanley said...

Ugh...and Boise State's best win (Virginia Tech...who lost to a I-AA team) just barely survived at home against Georgia Tech, who previously lost to Kansas...who also lost to a I-AA team.