Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 9 Opponent Hate: The UNLV Game

UNLV weekend has worked out pretty nicely for the Frogs over the past few seasons, especially the trips out there. The Mountain West has been generous enough to constantly schedule this game on Halloween weekend, knowing all to well that the “Christian” in TCU might be a bit of a misnomer when it comes to the antics our fan base (I’m looking at you, section V) can provide the city of Las Vegas. Something tells me we are a bigger draw Halloweekend in Vegas than any other MWC school. I doubt BYU really tears up the casinos or pass out the Book of Mormon in the strip clubs. Something wouldn’t look right about those dorks riding their bikes down the strip short sleeve white button downs. I’m also pretty sure the Wyoming’s, Air Force’ and New Mexico’s of the world aren’t exactly buying up suites at the Bellagio as well, but I digress. Yeah, trips to Vegas are awesome, especially when football is involved as well. But as great I think it’s great that we get to play in Vegas every other year on Halloweekend, I do foresee a couple of problems with this weekend. Not so much the game, but the weekend in general.

The game starts at 10pm in Fort Worth. Hey Mountain West, it would be nice if you were a little more considerate of your powerhouse team in the central time zone. Have you seen the west side of our stadium? Most of those old curmudgeons won’t be able to stay up and watch kick off, let alone the end of the game. But it’s not only the geriatrics that will have a hard time watching this game- how do they expect us to be coherent enough to follow an entire football game at 10pm on a Saturday night following the Rangers World Series game? Have you seen the tailgates in Lot 3 at The Carter? By 10:00 most of the people out there can barely form a sentence, let alone follow the goings on of a football game. Does anyone REALLY remember what happened at the end of the OU/Mizzou game Saturday night, or did you just catch it all on Gameday Final the next day? And just remember, that was at like, what, 10:30? So now imagine it being roughly 1am Sunday morning and you’re trying to figure out whether or not Dalton or Wesley has the ball on the Zone Read play, then your buddy points out that Dalton and Wesley haven’t played the entire second half and we are currently on defense. I mean, hopefully it’s a Baylor-esque blowout after the first quarter, but we could overlook them and come out flat and it might look more like Colorado State. I hope not though. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be setting my DVR and re-watching the game during the Cowboys game on Sunday, because a replayed Frogs game is better than staring at Wade Phillips’ FUPA for 3 hours while hung over.

So if you think the outlook is gloomy for those watching from the state of Texas (or even worse, eastern time zone), I think it’s even more treacherous for those IN Vegas. I realize it’s 2 hours earlier there, but it’s Vegas. They are going to trap you in those casinos. They are going to take your money. They are going to pour alcohol down your throats until you are just drunk enough to try and cash your UNLV tickets in for whatever cash you can get. I know a lot of you, and you’re like me, and Vegas is a dangerous place for degenerate gamblers like us. Even if you are lucky enough to get hot at the craps table or rape a blackjack dealer (literally, not figuratively, I know what I’m saying), you’re going to be hesitant to bail on your hot streak to go watch what should be a Frogs blowout. Not to mention it can be pretty easy to lose track of time in that city. That’s why an afternoon game would be ideal. Give everyone a chance to see a little football action BEFORE they go and get Roethlisbergered by the casinos. Hopefully everyone that’s going makes it to the game, and I know some of you will be there without fail, but I just feel like an 8pm start in Vegas is a recipe for disaster. I’m upset I won’t be there, but I’m not upset that I won’t have to experience the moral hangover and emotional fear that will take place on the flights home on Sunday. I guess I don’t really hate UNLV so much this week, but more the MWC for this scheduling abortion and the city of Las Vegas for its devious ways. Good luck to everyone out there, and good luck to all the fans here in your efforts to see/remember the game. It’s going to be a struggle (for us, not the team).

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HFrog77 said...

Can't wait! This'll be my 3rd TCU-UNLV game in Vegas. We'll make some noise in the casinos and clubs as well as the stadium.

If we move to the Big East, I'll miss these games. Who's the closest Big East team to Atlantic City?