Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 6 Players to Watch: Wyoming Cowboys

My thoughts on Wyoming are a lot like my thoughts on Colorado State last week. It’s hard to pick players to watch from a team I know very little about and that has so few weapons. They are 2-3 with unimpressive wins v. Southern Utah and at Toledo. Their losses have been to pretty stout teams (at Boise, close one at home against Air Force, and at Texas, who we all know sucks now), but they haven’t really been close except for the Air Force one. Their stats have been incredibly ho-hum, much like Colorado States. Nobody has rushed for over 250 yards, and it’s been 5 games. They also have combined for less than 1000 yards passing in 5 games, so do the math- their offense sucks…bad. And since we have a murderous, flesh eating, quarterback attacking defense, I chose the only players I could possibly think of for players to watch this week…

Dax Crum (Sr. QB, 6’4 219) and Emory Miller Jr. (Fr. QB, 5’11 195)

So many of you who have ANY knowledge of Wyoming football will say, “Ok dumbass, AustYn Carta-Samuels is their starting QB and has been for a while, so why would you choose the backups”? The answer is pretty simple: we have a history of crushing not only the spirit of Wyoming QB’s, but also literally crushing their heads into the turf (see Robert Henson). Not to mention, I think we will be pretty fired up and craving a second straight shut out, and I think we get it. And what better way to assure an offense won’t score points on you than to knock their starter out of the game? According to the stats, Carta-Samuels gained 205 yards on the ground but has LOST 97, which obviously gives me the impression he gets sacked a whole lot. TCU’s defense sacks the QB a whole lot. Put 2 and 2 together and that is a Wyoming recipe for disaster. So now lets look at the 2 backups.

Dax Crum- Biggest picture I can get. That means he REALLY sucks.

Crum, a senior, saw playing time as the starting QB in 2008 for 5 games before being benched in favor of our favorite named MWC player, AustYn Carta-Samuels (seriously, his name reminds me so much of the hybrid cars/San Francisco episode of South Park). He has bounced around a ridiculous amount, going from Arizona State, where he redshirted, to Mesa Community College, to starter at Wyoming, to not seeing ANY playing time last season at Wyoming. Long story short, this guy’s career has been an enormous waste of time, and I look forward to him being the 2nd QB that our defensive ends Jay Cutler into the turf. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell by the picture, he looks like a tremendously cocky douchebag, and his name is Dax, so please heckle relentlessly.

Emory Miller Jr.- High school picture. Probably the last meaningful football you'll play.

Miller is a true freshman from nearby Mesquite, Texas. He is apparently somewhat mobile (no, I’m not saying that because he’s black) as he ran for over 500 yards in back to back high school seasons while playing QB. Because of his mobility, I’d say that Miller is the most likely to survive Saturday’s game as he will be able to run and hide more than the others.

Note to Wyoming: Don’t forget to pack the smelling salts. Best of luck.

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Sir Wesley Willis said...

Dax Crum... is such a ridiculous name. Also, pretty sure that's how Borat refers to his dong.