Thursday, October 14, 2010

TCU - Boise Talk


HFrog77 said...

When are these assholes going to get more than an inch deep into their analysis?

I can't believe one of them actually said that Baylor and Kansas as the shit heels of the B12 are perceived as being better than the equivalent shit heels of the WAC as a rationale for strength of schedule for TCU or Boise versus the BCS conferences. Right dude! So who beat the shit out of Baylor?

Common oponent check: let's compare OU's results at home against Air Force to ours after next Saturday. Or the ranked B12 teams against Baylor versus ours as the season plays out.

Our biggest competitor in all this isn't Boise State so much as it is all of the journalists with 6 remaining teeth that think an undefeated Nebraska with the cupcake schedule they've played should be ranked ahead of an undefeated TCU and the schedule we've played.

Or that Alabama's win over Arkansas (who only beat an unranked A&M team by 7, Florida (who is just awful this year) and Penn State (worst team they've fielded in years)qualifies them for some sort of exemption from being throttled by 2 touchdowns last week.

Never thought I'd say this: Hook em Horns! I hope they throttle Nebraska, but I doubt they will.

Tanner said...

im not even watching this video. i've seen this shit show before.

post more cbs college sports or something. i'd rather read mac engle.

VikingFrog said...

The guy with the Drew Brees face doo doo thing seemed to be dogging TCU's schedule the whole time and then ended up picking TCU over Boise.


D said...

I don't like to watch it either tanner...

Just posted it to keep everyone up to speed on media speak.

Tanner said...

D, keep the posts coming, it was just indirect hate on their idiot football brains.