Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The State Of The PPS Campaign & Another SB Giveaway

I have been putting off updating the sidebar PPS meter for quite some time now, in hopes that more people would get involved and I could address you with good news. However, I've waited long enough and it's time to give you faithful readers the rundown.

I got a bit ahead of myself when I stated in my initial PPS 2010 Campaign post that "We already have a good base from the proceeds from our successful Inaugural Spitblood Scramble golf tournament..." When all was said and done, and all the expenses were added up, we didn't net nearly as much as I had anticipated. Having that first tournament under our belt, we will be able to make adjustments next year and increase the number of participants, and have a much more successful tournament on the fund raising front.

On top of fuzzy golf tournament math, I sorely overestimated the number of Spitblood readers who would join in on the margin of victory pledge. After 5 victories compiling 143 points, only 5 people have donated $1 for each point week to week, and I thank you dedicated few for that.

So, what does this mean for the meter? We have at the moment $1,211 sitting in the PPS fund.

The good news: There are still 7 games left on the schedule. If you can't pledge $1 per victory point think about donating a set amount for each win, whether it be $5, $10, or $20, I urge you to get involved if you can.

As added motivation, I have a new giveaway to introduce to you.

The fine people at University Mosaics have donated the below mosaic for a giveaway. Some of you may have seen them selling their mosaics at the Baylor game. They have three pretty cool mosaics to choose from on their website, check them out via the link above.

How To Qualify:
Each week you donate to PPS your name will be entered into the raffle. Any amount of donation will qualify week to week with a minimum of $5. The five people who have donated each week have a bit of a leg up, but just as in the NBA lottery, it seems like the team with the most balls never gets the first pick. I will draw at the end of the regular season to see who the luck winner is.

Thanks again for those of you who have donated to this great cause. Let's keep winning, build some momentum, and get this campaign rolling!


THEFINCH said...

p.s. the meter will be updated shortly cro-mag, aka mr. consistent

Geezer Frog said...

Good to see your back on top of the PPS.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Hey, sort of off topic, but has anybody ever thought about trying to get a SpitBlood float/decorated pick-up truck into the Homecoming parade? I mean, sure this isn't exactly a family friendly blogsite, but still...