Friday, October 29, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: UNLV Rebels

I thought I'd try bringing back this guy.

Alright, Lyle is away again today, and since I figure a good amount of our readers will be out this afternoon and on their way to a weekend of debauchery in Vegas, I thought I'd get the predictions in early today. You know the drill by now, score, offense, defense, special teams, and this week let me know how you think one of these undefeated's will fare (Auburn v. Miss, Oregon v USC, Mizzou v Nebraska, Michigan State v Iowa).


shortnkerley's said...

I'll take the Frogs 37-3. I think we start slow because we are looking ahead, but turn it on and have the starters out by the 4th.

Offense- Ed Wesley. I'm going to keep picking him until he gives me a reason not to.

Defense- Wayne has been quiet the past few weeks. Time for him to break out again.

Special Teams- 3 Evans FG's. Not Kerley because I could see teams taking the Air Force approach and keeping it out of his hands.

I think Mizzou, Michigan State, and Oregon ALL LOSE.

Sorry I didn't mention Utah in the unbeaten list above, but I agree with Sir Wesley and think they smoke Air Force.

Slay Purple said...

Frogs 41-6




Prediction: Dalton does not play the 4th quarter & the defense/special teams scores a TD.

Texas Hammer said...


Offense - Ed "Flat Top" Wesley with another 200 yd rushing performance.

Defense - All 11...they hunt together and pitch a no-no.

S/T - I told SWW last weekend that I'd be friends with Ross Evans again if he hit all of his FGs and XPs against's to you, Ross...2 FGs and no missed XPs.

Also think Mizzery, Sparty and the Ducks are going down this weekend.

Hello #2 BCS ranking by Sunday evening and official word from ESPN that Gameday will be in SLC for the #2 v. #5 "Showdown in Salt Lake City".


Middle Man said...

41-0 Frogs

Offense- Jimmy is due for a nice game.

Defense- Jason Teague is dominating it right now.

Special Teams- going to be going to Kerley alot unlike last week.

Mizzou, Oregon and Michigan State go down, Auburn pulls off a close one.

Bumblebeetuna said...

48-0 Frogs

Offense- Big ol Kerley

Defense- Brock

Special Teams- Big ol Kerley.

Mizzou, Oregon and Michigan State lose, Auburn loses Newton to injury.

D said...


they try to shut it down at 35, but running game eats rebels alive.

O - Toine

D - Tejay

S - McCoy is due

gonna go hard core with the boys on mizzou, mich state, and oregon.

THEFINCH said...

TCU - 44 UNLV - 7
Ed Wes
Stansly Maponga

Cro-magnon Frog said...

Frogs - 42
Retarded Rebels - 6

O - going with wesley. I would say a receiver except I doubt we will pass that much.

D - Jeremy Coleman comes into his own

ST - Evans gets more practice for next week...

I want to say everyone will be upset. But that would be too perfect. Mizzou goes down. Michigan st. goes down. Oregon will go undefeated until they go into Oregon st. and the Beavers Fuck the Ducks butt holes.

My other prediction is that I will probably lose all of my money and dignity in vegas (as if I had any to begin with)

VikingFrog said...

Good Guys: 52

Bad Guys: 3

Patterson tells team not to run up the score, but after watching Boise do it Tuesday, Hightower can't help himself and scores another TD.