Friday, October 15, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: The BYU game

The Joseph Smith of the East

Another Friday, and it's time once again for you, the Spitblood reader, to voice your opinion on tomorrow's game. Final score, players of the game (for offense, defense and special teams), final attendance.


Lyle Lanley said...

TCU 45, BYU 14

Offense- Wesley, again.

Defense- Give me Tanner Brock.

Special Teams- Evans making all of his FG attempts and PATs.

Attendance- 41,300

Rangers head to New York, tied 1-1

shortnkerley's said...

Frogs 56, Mormon/Tongans 10

Offense- Dalton has been near perfect at home. I dont see that changing against a defense that consists of a bunch of slow white boys.

Defense- Somebody will have a pick 6 against their cocky freshman QB. I'll say Tejay.

Special Teams- Kerley. Plain and simple, he's due.

Attendance- 44,500. I have high hopes.

Agree, Rangers take a 1-1 split, but lets pray for no game 7. It's scheduled for the same time as the Air Force game.

Mr. Bubbakins said...

Frogs: 37
'We Might Finally Accept the Fact that God Did Not Curse the Native Americans for Rejecting Jesus by Giving Them Dark Skin-ougars: 17

Slay Purple said...

TCU 59, BYU 3
(GP doesn't like to break 60)

Offense: Tucker scores 3TD's (2 by land, 1 by air)

Defense: Mccoy pick 6

Special Teams: Kerley solid returns

Attendance: 44,000

Extra: Heaps gets the shit knocked out of him and is done before halftime

Middle Man said...

TCU-52 BYU-10

Offense- Wesley runs for 150+ yds and 2 tds.

Defense- Daniels unleashes holy hell from all the planets they believe in and gets 2 sacks.

Special Teams- Kerley takes one back this week.


who cares about baseball?

LA Frog said...

TCU 52, Short sleeves with tie 0. Yes, I am calling for a 0-fer (if the past 2 teams were good and got only 7, then...)

Offense - Dalton (1st half - 3 TDs); Wesley (2nd half - 2 TDs)

Defense: Defense (4 sacks, 2 QB fumbles - 1 returned; 1 INT)

Special Teams - Kerley returns a punt this week

Attendance - 45,000

D said...

52 - 10

O- sky fades
D- waaaayne the ole bull
St- as a whole

WildCard -

spoiledguineafrog said...

VERY disappointed in yesterday's attendance. Where in the hell were the students? TCU's very own "2 percenters." Pathetic.