Friday, October 8, 2010

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU vs. Wyoming

I was a little worried that not being able to get the predictions posted on here last week might result in bad luck, but thankfully shortnkerleys was there to ensure the Frogs still won. So here we go again- let me know the final score, the offensive-, defensive- and special teams-players of the game and the final total attendance. And for fun, let me know what happens in any other (one) game of your choosing- Baylor/Tech, Arkansas/aggy, BYU/San Diego State, Rangers/Rays, you name it.


Lyle Lanley said...

I'm gonna go with 38-0. That's right, I'm calling for the goose-egg. Two of those in a row ought to gain the Frogs a few style points.

Offensive MVP= Jimmy Young. He got into the end zone last week, and "Luxury Tax" owned Doo-Doo Brown the last time they came to Fort Worth.

Defensive MVP= Greg McCoy. I think he redeems himself with an INT and a few other nice plays.

Special Teams= Greg Burks. Either a big hit or a blocked punt.

Attendance= 38,500.

Wild Card Pick= SMU blows out Tulsa

shortnkerley's said...

48-0. I'm calling the shut out too, but still banking on a Ross Evans shanked extra point.

Offense- Dalton gets back on track and has a Baylor type performance with 2 passing td and one rushing.

Defense- tank Carder takes henson's role as qb killer and knocks out at least one.

Special teams- McCoy takes their one kickoff to the house.

Oh, and Arkansas will DESTROY aggie. The line is -7. Bet your life savings on it.

Texas Hammer said...


O - Tax

D - Teeeee Jaaayyyy

ST - not Ross Evans

Attendance - 38,499 after Burks eats someone's soul on a Kerley PR for TD.

Wild Card Pick = Floresville Tigers in an upset over the G-P Wildcats

buffalo said...


wild card - texas hammer visiting fw.

LENEtown Fizzle said...

hide the women and children

Adam said...

55-3, You can't keep the juggernaught of WYO from scoring.

O - Dalton
D - Teejay
S - Kerley

Baylor beats Tech 41-10

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Hammer's first game of the year? I definitely like those odds.

Middle Man said...


With the weird name QB not making the trip, I think it makes for a long day.

VikingFrog said...

46-3 Frogs

How does one score 46 you ask?

We'll see.

D said...

49 - 3



McCoy - switching it up, prolly Kerley though

wildcard - dave gets laid

CounselorFrog said...

223-0. Frogs. Finally someone is able to top the Georgia Tech v. Cumberland score of 222-0.