Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sour Grapes - BYU


So I'm beginning to see a bit of a pattern here. Ever since the Colorado St. game (who's fans are now my second favorite in the MWC, thanks to the guys over at Ramifications), its been really hard to find other teams fans crying about all the bad, bad things we did to their team the previous weekend. Wyoming fans literally went absoultuely silent on the message boards (maybe they still have dial-up up there) and now all that BYU fans can talk about is how they need assistant coaching changes and pleas to bring back Ty Detmer in some capacity. Honestly there just hasn't been much whining, and they only thing I can attribute that to is that teams and their fans come into the Carter with absolutely no hope of beating the Frogs. We have literally stolen their souls before they even step foot on the field, and that is just beautiful. So if anyone saw any first hand whining at the game, please share in the comments.


shortnkerley's said...

There was the BYU fan who started talking attendance smack to me on the way out and told us to sell out our stadium for once. I told him "why bother, we just beat your ass in front of 40K". He then pulled out his Army ID and told me he was lieutenant so-and-so and had been serving our country since 2005 or whatever. I grabbed it, inspected it, and tossed it aside onto the bleachers.

Obviously no offense to anyone who is in the military of any capacity, but once your argument has been blown up don't pull out your Army ID and expect sympathy. He started it, so I wasn't going to start thanking him.

CrabblerK3 said...


I'm very thankful for my friends who have served in the military; however, 3 tours through Iraq does not a college football expert make.

Tossing the ID may have been poor judgement, but arguing with him certainly was not. If someone who happens to have served in the military wants to talk college football smack on behalf of a team that just got destroyed, I have no problem telling him to stuff it and that their football team is a disaster.

Lyle Lanley said...

There was apparently some bitching amongst BYU fans saying that TCU's last touchdown was simply "running the score up".

Well, first of all, you deserve to have the score run up on you.

But if you REALLY want TCU to ease off the gas, don't blitz our QB. Dalton was blitzed on that play, and made a split-second decision to throw to his most trustworthy target before getting hit.

Cro-magnon Frog said...

I heard ALOT of whinning about how hard it was to pee while wearing their magic underwear. The men had to go into the pooper stalls and undress just so they could go #1

man, I never thought I'd hear the end of it.

OkieFrog said...

The BYU blogs are all complaining about running up the score. Don't they know we don't have a reliable kicker and are then forced to go for it on 4th down?

Slay Purple said...

If putting up 31 on a shitty BYU team is running up the score, then why isn't putting up 72 on a shitty New Mexico team (via Oregon) being bitched about. Or 62 on Iowa State by OU.

Lyle Lanley said...

...or 58 on shitty Tech (by shitty Iowa State)