Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Short History of Doo-Doo Brown in Funkytown

When Doo-Doo Brown visits Amon G. Carter Stadium on Saturday afternoon, it'll be the 3rd time they've paid the Frogs a visit since TCU joined the Mountain West in 2005. Let's take a look back at their previous trips to the Panther City:

2006: TCU 26, Wyoming 3
-The Frogs desperately needed a win in their Homecoming game, having dropped their first two conference games to BYU and Utah. They got it in the first-ever TCU game to be broadcast on The Mtn, which nobody had at the time (and still don't, but at least at the time we thought we might eventually get it). The Frog defense was swarming that day, as it generally was in the mid '00s, holding the Cowboys to just 28 rush yards and sacking Doo-Doo Brown QB Karsten Sween 5 times. On offense, Jeff Ballard threw for 244 yards (105 of those to Quentily Harmon) and Lonta Hobbs and Aaron Brown combined for 133 rushing yards and two scores. Peter LoCoco made two field goals but in typical Frog fashion also missed an extra point.

2008: TCU 54, Wyoming 7
-The previous week, the Frogs had demolished BYU, who had been undefeated and ranked in the Top 10, 32-7. The talk leading up to this Homecoming game (notice a pattern? I guess it would've been rude to make them our Homecoming opponent three straight times, huh?) was that the Frogs may be in for a let-down after such a huge victory. Instead, TCU handed in another impressive performance, and made this one a laugher early on. Andy Dalton threw for 334 yards and 4 touchdowns, but it was Jimmy Young who was the star of the game. #88 hauled in 5 passes for 226 yards and three scores (of 60, 55 and 39 yards). The defense knocked both Sween and his backup, Dax Crum, out of the game.


buffalo said...

how many touchdowns have they scored on our D since joining mwc?

Lyle Lanley said... their D scored one against us last year.

buffalo said...

eh, not as impressive as i was thinking. guess most are from that game a couple years ago where they stuck around till halftime.

Texas Hammer said...

Actually very impressive considering that put up 24 on us in 2007 in Laramie...Frogs only put up 21 :(

buffalo said...

impressive as far as our defense is concerned.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

that was a frowny year.