Thursday, October 21, 2010

Patterson berated team doctor over hurt player Star-Telegram
-they say no press is bad press, right? But this probably isn't good press

Three Frogs receive midseason All-America honors

Air Force defense will try to solve experienced QB Colorado Springs Gazette

Air Force CB, Texas native Reggie Rembert relishes TCU game USA Today

Saints sign CB Quincy Butler New Orleans Times-Picayune


LT4heisman said...

I wish we had James Woods character from "Any Given Sunday" as the team doctor.

Slay Purple said...

Bullshit. Nobody ever contacted GP about his "berating", and no harm came of it. It's not like he is pulling a Bob Stoops and keeping players playing until they are crippled.

Hornedfrog1982 said...

I was at the game and I actually read the article.

GP did not know Wesley had been unconscious for a few seconds.

I remember the SMU trainers getting to Wesley first. By the time GP got to him he was saying he was OK. The kid was running around the sideline the rest of the game.

He did not play again. So all this article is about is an arrogant doctor who got yelled at so he cry's about it to some medical online publication.

The doctor said they both apologized to each other. The doctor for not telling GP he was knocked out and GP for yelling at the doctor.

This should not even be a story but when someone is as popular as GP we must try anything we can to bring him down.

Stefan did a good job of trying to explain this in detail. I am sure he was forced to write the article. But if you can read and are able to comprehend English this is a non issue.

If the Doctor is upset he can go get a job somewhere else that has less stress.