Thursday, October 14, 2010

Movement Watch: Computer Fail Version.

Self Portrait. 8:30AM, October 14th.
by Sir Wesley Willis.

Well, after several years of ignoring all of those NSFW warnings, my computer finally got the AIDS and abruptly passed away this morning. Therefore, while I await the arrival of my new laptop, I am forced to use an old clunker we had lying around the office that is around 8 years old, or as SMU football players see it, "prime molestin' age." So, as you can imagine, I spent a good deal of my morning on hold with our IT department, and then the rest of it trying to set up this disaster of a machine which, from time to time, aggressively bends over and spreads its digital buttcheeks at me which is basically its sign for a in other words, it's taken some SERIOUS effort on my behalf to get this movement watch up and running at all, therefore it will not be given it's proper due. This is unfortunate due to the upset potential of the weekend, but thems the breaks. New computer should arrive Monday though, so I'll be back up and running once our commenters help me remember which music stealin' websites to bookmark.

High Alert:

#1 Ohio State @ #18 Wisconsin. A night game at Camp Randall + a beatable #1 team as the visitor = there's gonna be some druuuuuuuuuuuuuunk cheese heads out in force. Ohio State still has to play Iowa, but they avoid Michigan State on the schedule, so this is maybe the best chance they have of getting knocked off and helping ease the Frogs on up to that #2 spot.

#5 Nebraska vs. Texas. Not quite as exciting as they drew it up, but it'll dance. Nebraska has run pretty roughshod over their competition so far, but they also have a strength of schedule in the 100s, so it's hard to give them too much credit. They're way overrated right now and ripe for the picking against a Texas team that isn't good but probably still has some juice left in the tank despite what everyone thinks. Nebraska already has us in the coaches poll; win this week and they'll probably have us in both. Mark it: the first time ever SWW has pulled for UT in any sport.

#7 Auburn vs. #12 Arkansas. Auburn is still probably a couple of wins away from jumping the Frogs, but if they are able to knock off the Hogs, combined with their victory over South Carolina a couple of weeks ago, the pollsters are going to be furiously typing one handed when submitting their polls at the prospect of an undefeated SEC team with a Heisman candidate.

Probably Not:

#6 Oklahoma vs. Iowa State. After the Cyclones dismal showing at home against the Utes this past week, I know I'll have a hard time convincing anyone to take them seriously, but you never know, right? Too bad OU has had 2 weeks to prepare. The Sooners are probably the least talked about undefeated team in the country because they have no outstanding players for ESPN to slurp and everyone keeps waiting for their defense to kill them. They're probably like Auburn in that they're still a couple of weeks away from jumping TCU, but the schedule sets up extremely well the rest of the way as they avoid Nebraska out of the North. Pray for an upset here, but I don't see it.

Bah Humbug.

#3 Boise State @ San Jose State.

#8 Alabama @ Mississippi. Count me among the confused with Bama being ranked above South Carolina, but that just speaks to the fascination the media has with this team and Nick Saban. They could EASILY move back ahead of us even with a loss if they start blowing folks out again. Houston Nutt is going to feel PAIN.

#9 LSU vs. McNeese State. You never know - LSU COULD totally find a way to lose this one because they have been SO SO fortunate thus far. But probably not. It's still funny though for a 6-0 LSU team that just beat Florida to STILL be ranked this low, but that won't last for long if they keep winning. It's a good thing they still have Auburn, Alabama and Arkansas on the schedule.

Definite upward trajectory potential this weekend with Wisconsin welcome in Ohio State. Oregon is off this week.

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