Monday, October 4, 2010

Movement Recap: Week 5.

Much like this guy, we had a movement fail this weekend.

As I am sure you've already seen by now, Boise State fell victim to their WAC curse earlier than usual this year and the Frogs, after the most uninspiring 27-0 win of all time, lost some ground points wise but remained 5th in both polls.

Some highlights:

#21 Texas 20, #8 Oklahoma 28. I wanted a nice diversion from our game once it was apparent that even a 2-0 Frogs lead would've been insurmountable, but this one didn't do much for it. OU jumped out to a 28-10 lead before Texas fought back late and should've had a chance to win... except for two plays that went against the Horns that 9999 times of out 10000 go their way: OU QB Landry Jones' fumble DEEP in Sooners territory that JUST scooted out of bounds and the ensuing muffed punt by UT that OU recovered to kneel it out. Not an inspiring outcome for either team, even the victors, as sloppiness on both sides severely impacted the outcome. As a result, Oklahoma moved up two spots and now sits right behind the Frogs at sixth and UT fell out of the top 25 for the first time in 10 years. Uhh ooohhh... somebody better call the waaaahhhhbulance. WAAAAAHHHHH..

#1 Alabama 31, #6 Florida 7. Well, that was easy. And ugly. And I watched the Stanford/Oregon game instead of this one just like I thought I would so I can't comment on it too much. If you check the stats, this one looks like it should've been a lot closer... until you see FLorida's four turnovers, including DOS fake Tebow jump passes which were intercepted. These two teams are going to end up playing again for the SEC Championship in December. This is sad. As a result, Alabama solidified their hold on the top spot and Florida dropped to 14th.

#4 Oregon 52, #9 Stanford 31. Right about the time I started getting a barrage of "HAHAHA OREGON SUCKS" texts, LaMichael James decided to run really, really fast until he reached the end zone, finishing with 257 yards and 3 TDs. QB Darron Thomas beat out Andrew Luck - aka the new Jake Locker - three TDs to two and this one was over after halftime. For their part, the Ducks didn't allow any second half points and have only allowed 7 on the year. That's good. As a result, Oregon jumped to third place and Stanford dropped a bit harshly to 16.

That was all the games I previewed so I'm not recapping any more than that. Here's a look at the current AP Top 10.

#1 Alabama
#2 Ohio State
#3 Oregon
#4 Boise State
#5 TCU
#6 Oklahoma
#7 Nebraska
#8 Auburn
#9 Arizona hahahahah when will this joke finally end?!?!
#10 Utah

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HFrog77 said...

Don't get why Ohio State didn't drop after their unimpressive win over lowly Illinois.

For me, AL #1, OR #2, Boise #3 and OH State #4.

Based on how we've played, I'm OK with us #5.