Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Morning Dump


Patterson talks BYU at weekly presser

Dalton receives honor from Manning Award committee

#4 TCU must be on the lookout for ugly underdog game Dallas Morning News

TCU wants door to hit BYU on way out ESPN Dallas

TCU-BYU preview CBS Sports

TCU's Patterson backs off his disdain for BYU's independence plan Salt Lake Tribune

Bronco focused on defense and TCU Provo Daily Herald

BYU practice report: another 'workmanlike' workout Salt Lake Tribune

BYU backs run Cougars to victory Deseret News


TCU men's hoops expects better matchups Star-Telegram


Rotten Arsenal said...

Oh, hey... you missed a story:

Lazy Ass SpitBlood Admin still haven't added the Wyoming score to the SpitBlood header, despite the fact that it's Wednesday - Rotten Arsenal Post

THEFINCH said...

we don't exactly get paid to do this. isn't the content slightly more important than a formality on a banner?? pump the brakes

D said...

Sorry guys, I've been out of town, will try to get the score up there tonight, because I'm still out of town, doing important stuff, being very BUSY and accomplishing important tasks

Lyle Lanley said...

Really, dude?

CounselorFrog said...

Yeah tone it down there soccer. This site was created by slackers (or slap dicks if you prefer) for slackers/slap dicks. Hence, we like slacking. And sometimes things get pushed to the back of the line, because leading a frattastic life takes effort.

Matt said...

The real slackers are the panel of so-called "experts" on ESPN. Really? Have they even watched TCU play this year?

Rusty said...

Completely agree Matt. I also love how a very good and ranked Air Force and Utah teams are somehow a non-factor in boosting our SOS.

Random thanks to the guys running this site. This place is my escape from idiot banter of such commentators as Craig James and said expert panel on ESPN. Also helps me stay awake in law classes.