Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Morning Dump


#5 Frogs host Wyoming to start three-game homestand gofrogs.com

Cowboys comment on challenge of facing #5 TCU KGWN-TV, Cheyenne

Inside the matchup: Wyoming at #5 TCU Casper Star-Tribune

Cowboys face toughest challenge of schedule Casper Star-Tribune

Dalton breaks another record for TCU UltimateKaty.com

Baylor QB Griffin still smarting over TCU comments Dallas Morning News
-Give it a rest, Jar Jar Binks- you lost!

Horned Frogs in the NFL TCU Daily Skiff

Conference Realignment:

TCU could be the tip of the iceburg for Big East NBC Sports


buffalo said...

i love that ever interview he does he mentions TCU. thanks!

Lyle Lanley said...

In the same article as the Griffin comments, it mentions that Baylor and Tech are expecting a crowd of 50,000 for their game at the Cotton Bowl this weekend.

That's after both fan bases heavily criticized TCU for "only" getting 47,000 for the Oregon State game.

I'd expect that kind of backwards logic from Tech fans, but maybe a Baylor fan can point out where in the Old Testament is says that this kind of hypocrisy is OK.

Rotten Arsenal said...

RGIII sez: "I really don't understand that whole statement in general because I've never played against any of those guys," Griffin said. "How would they know if I was faster or not? That's all I'll say about that."

This is pretty telling... apparently, he and his coaches must not use clips from previous games for preparation. I have no doubt that the TCU Defense saw hours of tape showing RGIII's speed and what to expect.
And judging by Baylor's performance in Fort Worth, I can only guess that if they watched any film, it must have been stuff they had from the old SWC days.
He's really a whiny moron... I'm sorry I ever defended the guy.

LA Frog said...

This guy is great. He keeps reminding everyone that Bayor got a beat down from an non-AQ school. This will only last until Baylor gets beat the next time. Unless that team is a non-ranked Big 12 team then my guess is he will keep talking about getting beat by #5 TCU (hypocrite!)

Rotten Arsenal said...

If he had any brains, he'd just tell the media "That game is in the past. We've learned from it and are focusing on our next opponent". Surely RGIII isn't the one bringing this game back up...