Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lessons in SMU Hate - Hide Ya Husbands!

Antoine Dodson: Not a fan of SMU Football.

Answer: The gift that keeps on giving.

Question: SMU Football related rapists.

In my post SMU/TCU 2010 relief, I made a statement along the lines of I really don’t genuinely hate SMU as much as I want to let on. Yes, there are some terrible people; for those of you who were with me pregame and saw the girl with flat ironed hair, extremely tight pressed designer pants and a snug fitting blouse of sorts you’ll understand. Oh wait, that’s right, I forgot, it was a DUDE. But like I said, for the most part I got along with everyone and they all seemed to have their heads on straighter than their still in college, coked out selves presumably did

But I also promised that by no means would I shy away from future SMU hate lessons, and I think this article from the Dallas Morning News certainly applies. Like Michael Corleone, just when I thought I was out they puuuuuuull me back in!!

Meet Brandon Henderson, an Abilene native and reserve linebacker for the Mustangs who apparently watched one too many episodes of South Park and decided that he wanted to pursue a pop music career as a backup dancer in Fingerbang. Unfortunately, his intentions were apparently not quite as innocent as Cartman’s, who just thought finger banging meant to use one’s finger as a fake firearm. All that to say that Henderson has been charged with two counts of rape, one shocker related and one people-style related. Which probably wouldn’t have been a big deal to be honest; girls sometimes get buyers remorse, so to speak, after engaging in said activities with an undesirable and alert the authorities to clear their conscience. Except in this case this does not appear to be the issue as Henderson was 19 at the time and the victim was only 15.

Looks like somebody got his statutory on.

Also of note in this story – Henderson is described as having been a 19 year old SENIOR in HIGH SCHOOL at the time of the incident. I’d say that this was likely the result of being held back in school at an early age, but considering that he actively chose to attend SMU to further his career as a football player clearly suggest other learning related issues may have been in play.

Except that, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he chose to attend SMU to further his career in aggressive sexual activities towards unwilling victims? He certainly has company in that club. But Torian Pittman at least stuck to broads in his own age bracket when it came to gettin' some.

But it does re-raise the question: Is June Jones REALLY building an army of rapists to terrorize the Park Cities area and gain publicity for his football program? It was clearly a joke in my first post but now? I’m not so sure. Especially since this incident happened while the suspect was still in high school – surely someone capable of such an action would’ve shown a few “character issues” that may have stuck out to recruiters. Is this Jones' true end game? I know I said sometimes you have to recruit a few thugs in order to get your program past the success/failure tipping point, but I didn't exactly mean this! I just meant maybe a player that coasted by more on his athletic ability/less on his academic and leaned on his teachers to bring him up through the system or a recreational amateur pharmacist, not a full on child molester, June!

Yeah yeah, innocent until proven guilty, etcetera, but consider one last thing: It’s procedure for police to protect the identity of the victim in these cases, especially when it involves a minor. This we know this for certain. But, curiously it never mentions the sex of the victim, something that is always cryptically revealed in order to identify the victim without using a name… and according to Wikipedia, a male victim could also be subject to the actions above. I'll let you connect the dots. Could it… Could it be?

And that’s Today’s Lesson in SMU Hate.

**BONUS HATE** As my new favorite hate related source, Baylor has been on a roll lately with Robert Griffin explaining that the TCU game was a "fluke" - you know, because beating Rice and Kansas means you're ready to make up a 35 point deficit against a Top 5 team. This is the first year in history that I'll be pulling for Texas, aggy and Tech over Baylor, strength of schedule be damned. And then today it was announced that Bears basketball stand out LaceDarius Dunn has been suspended indefinitely from the team for giving his girlfriend an unwanted facelift. Bitch must've really stepped out of line to get her jaw broke. But Scott Drew is an honest man who doesn't recruit bad character players for his team, so I'm sure it's a simple misunderstanding... because broken jaws are consistently the result of miscommunication. Die Baylor.


Rotten Arsenal said...

I guess Baylor really does want to be big time:


Sir Wesley Willis said...

Pretty sure your comment was posted simultaneously with my bonus hate update... but I think the more sources that are putting this story out there, the better, no?

LA Frog said...

Maybe she mis-pronounced his name? Damn crminal!

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he is not repping Lenetown well, thats what he gets for being a pony

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does that video remind anyone of an In Living Color skit?