Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leach part of TV team for TCU-UNLV

Say hello to the parade of boring, no-name color commentators that the MWC TV partners have trotted out for TCU games the past few years. According to the pregame notes put out by TCU, joining veteran play-by-play man Roger Twibell in the CBS College Sports booth this Saturday will be none other than former Texas Tech coach and current pirate Mike Leach.


LA Frog said...

This could be entertaining...Do you think GP's treatment of the team doctor will come up with Leach in the booth? Do you think Leach will bring up TTs cowardice by backing out of this year's game? Do you think Leach will go on a tangent and talk about his bender with hookers galore the night prior to the game. Answer to all -- Yes!

Adam said...

I saw Leach did the SMU game this weekend, but the sound wasn't turned up in the bar.

Roger Twibell....how far has he fallen?