Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Go Rangers' for sure, but 'Go Frogs' much more

Like many of you, last night was a very special night for me. The Texas Rangers were the first sports team I can remember following, and I have stuck with them through times both thick and (mostly) thin. It's been a mostly painful experience to be a Rangers fan for this long, so to see them finally break through and win a postseason series, especially being on the road in a do-or-die game, was pretty magical. The fact that they'll now take on the Yankees for the chance to go to the World Series is incredibly surreal, and I'm very much looking forward to the series.

I was pretty let down when I checked the schedule for the ALCS and saw that Game 2 will be played in Arlington on Saturday at the EXACT SAME TIME that TCU is taking on BYU at Amon G. Carter. Two of my favorite teams playing important games at the same time...that's a tough decision, right?

Wrong. As much as I love the Rangers, let's be clear about something. This is Texas, and college football is a religion. It will suck to miss watching Game 2, but the Frogs need me (and YOU!!!) in the stands to create the atmosphere that a Top 5 team should have as they shoot for a 7-0 start.

So even if you're a life-long, die-hard Rangers fan like myself, get your fill of baseball Friday night during Game 1 and then stick with the Frogs Saturday.

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