Thursday, October 21, 2010

ESPN has slow day.

If I read or hear the word "berated" one more time, Crazy Dave will come out and do some berating himself...Who gives a shit, possibly even two or three about this?

Rod Gilmore... what a nut bag.

By the way, this meaningless story comes in at #2 on ESPN's home page.


Adam said...

I wish we had a coach of character and integrity like Nick Saban. He errs on the side of giving his football players medical scholorships.

Tanner said...

patterson gets angry, duh.

if it wasn't such a big deal, why did the dr. bring it up?

also, gilmore = failmore. "obviously we have a long way to go on our thursday, friday, hell saturday quality of game coverage."

put e.andrews in there so i can mute it and just watch the game. if i want commentary i'll read spitblood.