Wednesday, October 20, 2010

College Pick 'em -- Week 7

This week sucked for a lot of the games. We had two extremes, 66 entries selected TCU and won their points. 66 also selected Florida and received zero points.

I'm always on the lookout for those that forgot to make picks. I'm pretty sure all of those that are in third place for the week, didn't make their picks. At least they picked TCU this week.

Instead of showing the top 10, I'll show the top 2 and the bottom 10 for fun.

Here are the standings for the week:

1Rise Again7-44320-22
2D's picks5-63924-27
59tawilson007's picks2-91731-21
59wwhd's picks2-91723-17
61smredd's picks3-81624-28
61geoffTCU's picks3-81627-20
63Ricketyfrog's picks2-91524-18
64Army Frog Fan's picks3-81422-23
65counselorfrog's picks2-91328-24
66olboyroy14's picks2-91217-24

The overall standings. Our Dear Leader is in first.

1THE FINCH55-21367
2gtgossett's picks55-21365
3geezerfrog's picks58-18358
4FrogFan1986's picks57-19352
5TN2TXtony's picks57-19351
5Hornedfrog1982's picks57-19351
7Trcapps's picks51-25349
8wwhd's picks54-22348
8BUFFALO's picks54-22348
10skeezerjmh's picks54-22344

Go make your picks here, before you forget.


THEFINCH said...

i wish i could remove the default home team victory setting so the slackers wouldn't look smarter than 72% of the pool last week

Tanner said...

statistically, i had a better entry if i hadn't picked this week.

embarrassing. i was doing better too. miss st? washington? damn....

D said...

wish i didn't miss the first week, climbin slowly though.

Adam said...

With how that site acts, I'm just happy it keeps score.

It's still a step above blogger.

buffalo said...