Thursday, October 7, 2010

College Pick 'Em Standings -- Week 5

Soooooooo, we haven't had a public update on the office pool since Week 2. I'm here to remedy that injustice.

17 people picked Colorado State to beat TCU. I assume these are the people that forgot to make their picks this week because they all scored 36 points. If you made your picks last week, and did worse than 36, you stink. My weekly score was 41, so I don't know if I'm any better.

The fun fact of the week 5 picks is that smredd was the only one who picked Washington to beat USC. His reward was 2 whole points. Talk about a confident pick.

Here's the top 10 of the week:

6 - 31
1Magic Man8-36014-31(*)
1Cro-Magnon Frog's picks8-36021-24
3Army Frog Fan's picks8-358
4skeezerjmh's picks9-25627-31
4THE FINCH7-45627-28
6Eddd Wesley's picks8-35528-36
7Hornedfrog1982's picks9-25414-28
7counselorfrog's picks8-35413-41
9sir wesley willis's picks9-25317-35
10Trcapps's picks7-45220-31
10olboyroy14's picks8-35210-28
10smredd's picks7-45224-35
10jeremyoneal's picks8-35221-24

Your top 10 leaders after week 5:

As you can see our dear leader is in second place. I'm in 36th, not that you care.

1TN2TXtony's picks47-7287
2THE FINCH43-11286
3geezerfrog's picks46-8284
4Hornedfrog1982's picks46-8281
5gtgossett's picks43-11276
5Eddd Wesley's picks45-9276
7wwhd's picks44-10275
8FrogFan1986's picks44-10274
9skeezerjmh's picks44-10272
9Tcu07's picks43-11272

Go make your picks here.


shortnkerley's said...

Yeah I gave up on those after I "picked" Baylor thinking it was against the spread. Woops...

Cro-magnon Frog said...

Sure you did Curly,

nice excuse for picking baylor.

why don't you man up

shortnkerley's said...

Yeah, I also double as a guy named "theebears" as well.

D said...

you mean "rise up"