Friday, October 15, 2010

Max Volume Preferred

This reminds me. I wasn't at the town hall, so I'll just make my shout out right here. Please update the sound system while you're doing electrical for the New Carter. A bigger TV would be nice as well. Maybe like a 46 or 50, foot.


Rotten Arsenal said...

But don't get rid of our announcer... his obvious game time shot contests make for some hilarious commentary.

bscooter26 said...

Game time shot contests?

Rotten Arsenal said...

My group, the Older Section V deviants, are pretty sure the guy drinks and is typically pretty wasted by the second half... that's how you get things like Robert Griffin Jr the Third. We're pretty sure he announced a "Rubbing the Kicker" penalty a couple of years ago.
In fact, we're pretty sure he had a drinking game until last season involving penalties (since we had so many). There'd be a penalty and then he'd announce "There's a flag ... on the play." We're pretty sure that pause was when he did a shot... particularly since he usually started slurring some by the second half.

Maybe we're just imagining all this, but our gameday experience is heightened by the idea of having our own version of Harry Doyle.