Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big, Loud Crowd Needed for TCU-Wyoming

It's only taken them 10 years, but it appears that the citizens of Fort Worth have finally realized that they have a home team that they can be proud of and support. Through the first two home dates, TCU is averaging 42,255 fans per game. That includes the second-largest crowd in school history, when over 47,000 watched the Frogs dismantle Baylor, 45-10.

This weekend will be a test of the city's new-found love of the Horned Frogs, though. When TCU plays host to Wyoming this Saturday, TCU will face stiff competition for the attention of non-die hard fans in the Metroplex. SMU and North Texas both have home games Saturday, and there will be two neutral site games played locally that day- A&M and Arkansas at the Death Star in Arlington and Baylor against Tech at the Cotton Bowl. On top of all that, the Rangers will be hosting their first home playoff game since 1999 at the Ballpark.

It would be nice for the Frogs to still be able to draw a big crowd even with all that competition, and the very un-scientific method of checking available seats on gofrogs.com to track ticket sales would indicate that they will. But a quick glance at the TCU Academic Calendar informs us that this weekend is Fall Break, meaning a good number of current students will probably be MIA for the game. That means it'll be up to the rest of us to fill those empty seats and make up for the lost decibels.


Rotten Arsenal said...

Well, we're probably the least expensive of all those other events. I could maybe give folks a pass if they chose the Rangers, seeing as how Rangers post season games are almost as rare as Baylor post season games, but why would anybody who isn't a die-hard fan of one of the teams involved go to see the mediocre teams such as Tech, Baylor, or A&M? Granted, Arkansas looks decent this year, but still... it's Jerryworld

Lyle Lanley said...

Good point about the Rangers.

Although, as terrible as the Rangers have been, they've been to the postseason 4 times now (in a sport where very few teams do) since Baylor's last time (in a sport where people complain because WAY TOO MANY teams do).

Cro-magnon Frog said...

Side note - Could we get an update on money raised for purple people seaters. it's very defeating to donate each week and not see the thermometer rise at all.

Tye Gunn's Personal Ambulance Driver said...

Sorry Lyle, and Frogs. I'll be out of the Metroplex this weekend, but if I were sticking around, there would be nothing stopping me from going to the Ranger game.

Angry Trey said...

These are issues alot of other college teams dont have to deal with. I still dont see the appeal of the Rangers either.