Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big East Looking Better and Better?

Ever since rumors started surfacing that the Big East Conference had officially extended TCU an invite and the ball was in our court, everyone has been asking the same question - What's with the hold up? Surely there is SOMETHING there because 34 donors aren't putting up over $100 million for a BYU and Utah-less MWC . I think the easy answer is that school officials are going to wait until after football season to make any calls because they don't want it to be a distraction going forward. The hard answer though? For one, you have to think that Del Conte and Co. are deep down hoping to parlay this into a deal with the Big 12, which is at present less likely than Mike Locksley keeping his job. The other answer though is a bit tougher to answer - Is the Big East REALLY a better alternative if the MWC has a legitimate chance of getting automatic status?

But, with news coming out today that Nevada and Fresno State aren't going to join the conference until 2012, you have to think the Big East is looking better and better considering the lost season we'd have next year in a similarly tiny conference with less clout. Sure, Boise will be there... but perhaps they'll put off their exit as well with this news? Regardless, TCU would move significantly down the rankings pecking order next year with those two teams choosing to sit out until the year after next.

I've always been extremely warm to the idea of the Big East simply because we'd be forging our own way in a BCS Conference without living in the shadow of Texas and Oklahoma. With aggy reaching out to the SEC during the shakeup, you can clearly see what that does to a team's psyche. Perhaps this will be the news that pushes us over the edge?


LA Frog said...

It's official. Nevad and Fresno State are not coming to the MWC until 2012.

So, let's go to the Big East in 2012. What do we do next year for football because we are missing 2 games now? Let's hit the BCS conferences. We already have 2 Big 12 opponents. Indiana, Arkansas, Washington State and UCLA all have open dates. Let's get our QB some experience and our team some more national exposure.

Tanner said...

this is a mess. i read that this morning about nevada and fresno. what a shit show. now we have to scramble to get two more games to fill in with our 7 game conference sked.

if we give them the money to exit, maybe they will come next year.

Army Frog Fan said...

The early Big East reports sai something about TCU to the Big East as early as 2011. GP sai he knew things we didn't. Hopefully all of this means TCU heads East and we can continue to make fun of Boise for their weaker schedule.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I think the "reports" of the Big East inviting us are true and that we're just weighing our options... or at least that's the chatter I hear. GP may be a cryptic talker, but you can kind of deduce that from the stuff he's said.