Sunday, October 31, 2010

TCU 48, UNLV 6

Postgame wrap-up from Roger Twibell & The Pirate:

...and from the Skiff:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: UNLV Rebels

I thought I'd try bringing back this guy.

Alright, Lyle is away again today, and since I figure a good amount of our readers will be out this afternoon and on their way to a weekend of debauchery in Vegas, I thought I'd get the predictions in early today. You know the drill by now, score, offense, defense, special teams, and this week let me know how you think one of these undefeated's will fare (Auburn v. Miss, Oregon v USC, Mizzou v Nebraska, Michigan State v Iowa).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 9 Comprehensive Preview.

The Frogs definitely can't be caught being Peeping Toms for Utah this weekend.

I feel like the past few weeks I've really been mailing in these game previews. I mean not that, prior to that, I had anything worth while to say about the games. No, it's just that, even by the low standards I set for myself, the Colorado State, Wyoming and BYU previews really weren't up to par. And you know what? You're getting another weak output this week, so apologies. It's not that I don't want to preview a game where TCU is a five touchdown favorite on the road... well ok, it's exactly that. And I've been out of town all week and just got back today so I'm still a bit out of whack. And I'm heading out to the game tomorrow and have been trying to research how I'm going to beat the sports book this weekend - Utah -7 against Air Force? Don't mind if I do! - so my mind hasn't exactly been in it.

But, for the sake of duty, I should point out the most glaringly obvious reason why we should be a little skeptical about the sure fire outcome of this game and that's because of the one that follows it in Salt Lake. TCU is too good and UNLV is too bad for the Frogs to get caught looking, but this is one of those games where we need to come out, throttle them for three quarters, then move the starters to the bench for the 4th quarter to avoid any potential injuries.

Other than that though? There shouldn't be too many worries. Let's take a look at the 5 games we've played against UNLV since joining the Mountain West, shall we? I think you're all aware that TCU has won every single matchup.

2005: 51-3. Fort Worth.
2006: 25-10. Vegas.
2007: 34-10. Fort Worth.
2008: 44-14. Vegas.
2009: 41-0. Fort Worth.

So, it goes without saying we've had a LITTLE success against the Rebels. "But," you say, "How can you honestly compare year to year results? Each year is a different team!" Fair question. So let's take a look at what UNLV has done to date this year.

Wisconsin - Lost 41-21.
Utah - Lost 38-10.
Idaho - Lost 30-7.
New Mexico - Won 45-10.
Nevada - Lost 44-26.
West Virginia - Lost 49-10
Colorado State - Lost 43-10.

I'm no expert, but that's not very good. At all. If we're talking stats, UNLV features the 108th ranked scoring offense in the country (18.4 ppg), the 99th ranked rushing offense in the country (111.9), the 88th ranked passing offense in the country (195.9) and the 114th overall ranked total offense in the country (283.1). Sorry, Bobby Hauck. I genuinely hope you get this team turned around in the next couple of years, but you're definitely taking your lumps this year. To compare, the Frogs are ranked 8th, 10th, 73rd and 11th in those respective categories.

As for the peeping tom factor? Well, in 2008 we played one of the better UNLV squads we've seen since joining the Mountain West immediately preceding a MAJOR matchup in Salt Lake - you remember the one, no? - and pasted them by 30. And we played the Utes on a short week, giving the guys even less time to prepare following the game in Vegas, so you KNOW they weren't fully focused on the Rebels that week. And this year's Frogs team is better than that year's and the Rebels are worse!

I'm just sayin'- with a full week between games, a significant gap between the quality of the teams, and considering the Rebels losto to WEST VIRGINIA by 39, 5 TDs shouldn't be unexpected.

The Pick: TCU 44, UNLV 7.

I'm not sure how many SpitBlooders are going to be out in Vegas, but of the few I know who will, I can safely say it will be a ridiculously stimulating weekend. Look forward to seeing you all there.

As a bonus for that less than enthusiastic preview, here's a bonus movement watch. I don't have time to go into preview for each game, but I'm using a handy dandy star system so you can visualize what I WOULD have said. 4 stars means MAJOR movement alert.

#1 Auburn @ Ole Miss. **

#2 Oregon @ USC. ****

#3 Boise State beated Lousiana Tech.

#5 Michigan State @ #18 ****

#6 Mizzou @ #14 Nebrasky ****

#7 Alabama OFF

#8 Utah @ Air Force *

Wow, looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue/skimp on the movement watch. With TCU not kicking until 8 PM local, gonna be a BIG day in the sports book for this guy.

Big East Looking Better and Better?

Ever since rumors started surfacing that the Big East Conference had officially extended TCU an invite and the ball was in our court, everyone has been asking the same question - What's with the hold up? Surely there is SOMETHING there because 34 donors aren't putting up over $100 million for a BYU and Utah-less MWC . I think the easy answer is that school officials are going to wait until after football season to make any calls because they don't want it to be a distraction going forward. The hard answer though? For one, you have to think that Del Conte and Co. are deep down hoping to parlay this into a deal with the Big 12, which is at present less likely than Mike Locksley keeping his job. The other answer though is a bit tougher to answer - Is the Big East REALLY a better alternative if the MWC has a legitimate chance of getting automatic status?

But, with news coming out today that Nevada and Fresno State aren't going to join the conference until 2012, you have to think the Big East is looking better and better considering the lost season we'd have next year in a similarly tiny conference with less clout. Sure, Boise will be there... but perhaps they'll put off their exit as well with this news? Regardless, TCU would move significantly down the rankings pecking order next year with those two teams choosing to sit out until the year after next.

I've always been extremely warm to the idea of the Big East simply because we'd be forging our own way in a BCS Conference without living in the shadow of Texas and Oklahoma. With aggy reaching out to the SEC during the shakeup, you can clearly see what that does to a team's psyche. Perhaps this will be the news that pushes us over the edge?

Utah tickets anyone?

Friend of the blog Little Moe with the Gimpy Leg has requested that I let everyone know that he is looking for 3-4 tickets for the Utah game, preferably in the TCU section. So if anyone can help him out please post in the comments section below and he will get in touch with you.

Week 9 Players to Watch: UNLV Rebels

I know I’ve used this excuse numerous times before this season, but let’s be honest, the cellar dwellers of the MWC have the most no-name rosters in all of college football and I know NOTHING about UNLV. But I’ll give it a shot as far as players to watch, but when a team is 1-6 they usually don’t have anyone of note, and the game is at 10pm central time so being coherent enough to pay attention to the game is my main concern at this point.

Omar Clayton (Sr. QB, 6’1 205, #2)

Omar Comin'!

I feel like Omar has been around FOREVER, and I guess he kinda has. He’s got 3 letters already, so he’s been playing since he was a freshman and is starting for his 3rd season. He put together a solid season in 2008 with 18 TD’s and 4 INTs before injuring his knee in the 9th game and missing the rest of the year. His bounce back season last year was pretty mediocre, throwing 13 TD’s and 12 picks. This season Omar has 941 passing yards, 5 TD’s and 2 INTs to go along with 140 on the ground (averaging 2 ypc) and 1 TD. Like I said, the numbers are pretty uninspiring, as is UNLV in general, so there isn’t much to discuss there. Omar is of course most famous for his rampant drug thievery of Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell’s West Baltimore crew in HBO’s hit show The Wire. He is also well known for his love of young Latino men. Omar should be easy to spot on the sidelines as well- he’ll be the one in a black trench coat with a sawed-off shotgun, sucking on a Blow Pop and whistling the nursery rhyme “Farmers in the Dell”.

Will Chandler (Jr. CB, 5’11 185, #1)

Mike Grant Will Chandler #1 of the UNLV Rebels runs for yardage after recovering a fumble during the second quarter of their game against the Wisconsin Badgers at Sam Boyd Stadium September 4, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mike Grant #25 of UNLV trails the play at left. Wisconsin won 41-21.

Meh, who cares?

This is Chandler’s first season as a starter, although he has played in every game in each of the past 2 seasons. He has made the most of his starting role this season with 24 tackles, 2 for loss, 5 passes defensed, 2 fumbles recovered for a total of 82 yards, and 4 INTs already this season. Those numbers kind of put Reggie Rembert’s to shame, and he was supposed to be all-world. So with Dalton’s tendency to sail passes early in games (especially on the road), Chandler could easily be the guy that finds his way to the football. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen, but he seems to have a knack for the football.

The Chances of College Gameday in SLC

Because quite frankly our next opponent is UNLV, and I'm not afraid to say that we will win. I'm already looking ahead to November 6th at Utah. Our best competition that game week is Alabama @ LSU.

Here are the arguments why this will happen:
  • This week they are in Los Angeles for Oregon @ USC. Rice-Eccles is 694 easy truckin' miles away while Baton Rouge is over 1,800 miles away. Chris Fowler has said that logistics do play a part in their next location.
  • As long as TCU and Utah win, it'll be a top 10 matchup.
  • Both LSU and Alabama are off this week. LSU is close to breaking back into the top 10. They could go up because of the Michigan State loss in Iowa City this weekend (write it down).
  • Gameday has featured LSU once, and Alabama twice already this year.
  • Gameday hasn't been to the University of Utah since 2004.
As long as Utah beats AFA and our boys take care of business in Vegas, Gameday will be in Salt Lake City on November 6th.

List any reasons why gameday will or won't be in SLC in the comments.

This Guy Really Wants a Flag

I would be this upset if my team had lost to North Texas too. That's just the way football go.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Game of the Week:

Baylor (6-2) at Texas (4-3)...6:00pm Saturday on FSN
-This story has been a slow developer, but holy crap is Baylor now the best resume-booster for the Frogs? They're in first place in the Big 12 South and are in the Top 25 for the first time since I was in 5th grade. As much as it pains me to root for the Bears, we've got to at this point...and it does help a little that they have a chance to continue the Longhorns' slide into mediocrity. Because it'd be one thing if the Frogs had simply beat a ranked team from the Big 12, but they F'ing DESTROYED Baylor.

Other Big'uns:

Utah (7-0) at Air Force (5-3)...6:30pm Saturday on CBS-College Sports
-The Falcons lost the weekend before they came to Fort Worth, spoiling the chance for the Frogs to beat a ranked team. Hopefully they will not spoil the high ranking (#8) of the undefeated Utes, who host the Frogs next weekend. Still, though, for my own sanity I hope that Utah doesn't just destroy them.

Oregon State (3-3) vs. Cal (4-3)...2:30pm Saturday on Fox College Sports
-Believe it or not, the Beavers still control their own destiny in the Pac 10 race, as they've only lost one conference game and still have undefeated Oregon left on their schedule. Hopefully they can take care of the Golden Bears on Homecoming Weekend in Corvallis.

SMU (4-4) at Tulane (3-4)...2:30pm Saturday on KDAF Channel 33
-The Mustangs took a major step back last weekend, being embarrassed at home by Houston. They'll need to get back on track in New Orleans as they take on a Green Wave squad who surprised UTEP at the Sun Bowl last weekend. A loss this weekend puts SMU's bowl eligibility in question, but a win keeps their slim CUSA Championship hopes alive.


San Diego State (5-2) at Wyoming (2-6)...1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Brady Hoke has the Aztecs flying high, one win away from clinching their first bowl appearance since 1998. But they did sleepwalk past a dreadful New Mexico team last week, so we'll see. It should be noted that, for the second straight week, the conference has allowed SDSU to simulcast this game (being produced by The Mtn) on a local station in San Diego. I think TCU should have the option to do this in the Metroplex as well.

New Mexico (0-7) at Colorado State (2-6)...6:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Yikes. I'm not sure what to root for here. On one hand, you'd like for the Frogs to be able to avoid facing an 0-11 UNM squad in Albuquerque in late November. Then again, having a slow start against CSU would look a little better if they were 3-6 rather than 2-7. But really, just yikes.

BYU (3-5) and Tennessee Tech (4-4) are off this weekend.

World Series Predictions

I smoke rocks!!!

Since we do weekly predictions for our football games, I figured we might as well do some predictions for one of the biggest sporting events to come to DFW EVER!! The series starts tonight in San Franhomo, so let's get some predictions. Winner, # of Games, MVP, first to have a drug relapse(you have a 50/50 shot of picking the right winner here), etc....

Rangers in 5
Cliff Lee
Ron Ron

2011 Baseball schedule released

Just like the TCU football program, the baseball team has tested our patience in releasing their schedule for the 2011 season in which they'll look to get back to Omaha...and win the whole thing this time.

Among the home-schedule highlights:

-A season-opening series against Kansas, February 18-20
-The renewal of the new-found rivalry with Cal State-Fullerton a week later, February 25-27
-The return of Todd Whitting to Lupton Stadium with his Houston Cougars, March 25-27
-MWC rival New Mexico, April 8-10
-A 13-game homestand stretching from March 22 to April 10
-Tuesday night showdowns with Oklahoma & Baylor, April 26 & May 10, respectively.

Additionally, the Frogs also have road series against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State and mid-week road games at Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Baylor. They also end the regular season with a road series against UNM in Albuquerque.

College Football Pick 'em Update -- Week 8

Go here to make them now.

Every week we have 66 possible points. This week the top 12 were within 9 points of the perfect score. We also had four 10-1 ballots. This is giving us a little more separation on the overall standings. gtgossett opened up a 13 point lead over our dear leader who only slid into second.

TCU is on the road for the next two weeks, so those who don't make their picks won't get their obligatory homer points.

Standings for Week 8
Rank Selection W-L Pts Tie
7 - 38
1 TNtheRedHeadPed's picks 10-1 63 10-38
1 olboyroy14's picks 10-1 63 10-35
1 jack burton's picks 10-1 63 17-34
4 thefinch's picks 9-2 62 3-47
4 Toby's Business College 9-2 62 13-48
4 Cro-Magnon Frog's picks 9-2 62 0-69
7 gtgossett's picks 10-1 59 17-38
7 Tcu07's picks 9-2 59
9 nolafrog09's picks 9-2 58 7-42
9 FrogFan1986's picks 9-2 58 21-34
9 Magic Man 9-2 58

Overall Standings Through Week 8
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 gtgossett's picks 65-22 424
2 THE FINCH 63-24 411
3 FrogFan1986's picks 66-21 410
4 geezerfrog's picks 65-22 408
5 Trcapps's picks 60-27 406
6 BUFFALO's picks 63-24 403
7 Tcu07's picks 63-24 402
8 jack burton's picks 63-24 401
9 Hornedfrog1982's picks 64-23 400
10 TN2TXtony's picks 64-23 399
10 Rise Again 62-25 399
10 wwhd's picks 62-25 399
10 Big Pussy 65-22 399

Patterson meets with the media
-including a link to watch the entire press conference

Cool weather puts jump in Frogs' step Star-Telegram

Frogs set sights on UNLV game Skiff

TCU-UNLV preview CBS Sports

TCU focused on Saturday matchup with Rebels Las Vegas Review-Journal

Running Up the Score 101

Kellen Moore - Clubhouse Leader for the Dumb Face of the Year, Eli Manning pulling a close second.

Hey, I've got a great idea! Lets play Louisiana Tech, on ESPN, on a freakin Tuesday! Did anybody else actually watch this? Didn't think so. My only rooting interest was that La Tech would show up and put some yards on these guys so we would be back in our rightful place as number one in total defense. Which I am pretty sure happened because they gave up 390 yards to them. Even though their coach is a freaking idiot and went for it on 4th and goal from the 6 in the mid 3rd quarter only being down by like 14. Ohh, and not to mention he also got flagged unsportsmanlike like conduct for continuing to berate the officials after an off sides call on an onside kick attempt. Yeah, thats smart, lets give Boise State a short field. Who is this pheonomenal Woody Hayes like character on the La Tech sideline? The one and only Sonny Dykes, son of Tech 'legend' Spike Dykes. What a legend. 82-67-1 on the plains of west Texas including a hall of fame-esk 2-5 in bowl games and zero ten win seasons. His son? On the same path to mediocrity as his father. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I hate Boise State. Sorry, I just can't ever pass up an opportunity to bash on Tech, especially when they are down.

So back to Boise. As I am watching this disaster known as a football game, slowly falling in and out of consciousness/boredom I cant help but notice that the game is well in hand. Boise is up 42-13 with 8 minutes left. I also cant help but notice that Kellen Moore is still in the game. Then, because Chris Peterson is such a great sportsman, they call a 40 yard bomb down the middle of field on 2 and 4 from their own 15. I literally couldn't believe it. Then they off course called some stupid draw on the next play for a TD to inflate the beat down. I swear if GP did this it would be on the ESPN ticker within maybe 3 seconds.

"Scumbag coach Gary Patterson who doesn't care if his players get their head ripped off on the field (Nick Swardson's Pretend Time anybody? Post now updated with video.) decides to run up the score on an inferior less talented team in order to get 'style points' in the polls. Tom Rinaldi with more at 10."

And how do the announcers call this play? "That's a good way to keep the pressure on em", and "that why Boise State is so hard to defend, you never know what they are going to do." Just go ahead and kill me. I mean this was almost as bad as calling a flea flicker on a Wyoming that was in mourning who had to face Texas the week before. Good for your Boise, you are by far the superior team. Anyway, I figure from now on these guys are the enemy. We are about to be conference foes, and we are about to 'leapfrog' them in the polls when we take our talents to Salt Lake City.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good job Concussion, y'all nailed it...

Leach part of TV team for TCU-UNLV

Say hello to the parade of boring, no-name color commentators that the MWC TV partners have trotted out for TCU games the past few years. According to the pregame notes put out by TCU, joining veteran play-by-play man Roger Twibell in the CBS College Sports booth this Saturday will be none other than former Texas Tech coach and current pirate Mike Leach.

Davey O'Brien Award

Round two of voting has begun. Click here to vote for AD. You can vote once a day and the fan vote counts for 5% of the vote in each round of voting. AD is currently in 6th place with 454 votes, get on there and help bump him up.

Round 2: Finalist Voting (only Semifinalists are eligible)

Fan Vote Opens: Mon., Oct 25 - time TBD (following Semifinalist announcement)
Fan Vote Closes: Sun., Nov. 21 at 12 noon CT
Finalists Announced: Mon., Nov. 22

Round 3: Winner Voting (only Finalists are eligible)

Fan Vote Opens: Mon., Nov. 22 - time TBD (following Finalist announcement)
Fan Vote Closes: Sun., Dec. 5 at 12 noon CT
Winner Announced: Thurs., Dec. 9 on The Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards Show airing on ESPN

Week 9 Opponent Hate: The UNLV Game

UNLV weekend has worked out pretty nicely for the Frogs over the past few seasons, especially the trips out there. The Mountain West has been generous enough to constantly schedule this game on Halloween weekend, knowing all to well that the “Christian” in TCU might be a bit of a misnomer when it comes to the antics our fan base (I’m looking at you, section V) can provide the city of Las Vegas. Something tells me we are a bigger draw Halloweekend in Vegas than any other MWC school. I doubt BYU really tears up the casinos or pass out the Book of Mormon in the strip clubs. Something wouldn’t look right about those dorks riding their bikes down the strip short sleeve white button downs. I’m also pretty sure the Wyoming’s, Air Force’ and New Mexico’s of the world aren’t exactly buying up suites at the Bellagio as well, but I digress. Yeah, trips to Vegas are awesome, especially when football is involved as well. But as great I think it’s great that we get to play in Vegas every other year on Halloweekend, I do foresee a couple of problems with this weekend. Not so much the game, but the weekend in general.

The game starts at 10pm in Fort Worth. Hey Mountain West, it would be nice if you were a little more considerate of your powerhouse team in the central time zone. Have you seen the west side of our stadium? Most of those old curmudgeons won’t be able to stay up and watch kick off, let alone the end of the game. But it’s not only the geriatrics that will have a hard time watching this game- how do they expect us to be coherent enough to follow an entire football game at 10pm on a Saturday night following the Rangers World Series game? Have you seen the tailgates in Lot 3 at The Carter? By 10:00 most of the people out there can barely form a sentence, let alone follow the goings on of a football game. Does anyone REALLY remember what happened at the end of the OU/Mizzou game Saturday night, or did you just catch it all on Gameday Final the next day? And just remember, that was at like, what, 10:30? So now imagine it being roughly 1am Sunday morning and you’re trying to figure out whether or not Dalton or Wesley has the ball on the Zone Read play, then your buddy points out that Dalton and Wesley haven’t played the entire second half and we are currently on defense. I mean, hopefully it’s a Baylor-esque blowout after the first quarter, but we could overlook them and come out flat and it might look more like Colorado State. I hope not though. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be setting my DVR and re-watching the game during the Cowboys game on Sunday, because a replayed Frogs game is better than staring at Wade Phillips’ FUPA for 3 hours while hung over.

So if you think the outlook is gloomy for those watching from the state of Texas (or even worse, eastern time zone), I think it’s even more treacherous for those IN Vegas. I realize it’s 2 hours earlier there, but it’s Vegas. They are going to trap you in those casinos. They are going to take your money. They are going to pour alcohol down your throats until you are just drunk enough to try and cash your UNLV tickets in for whatever cash you can get. I know a lot of you, and you’re like me, and Vegas is a dangerous place for degenerate gamblers like us. Even if you are lucky enough to get hot at the craps table or rape a blackjack dealer (literally, not figuratively, I know what I’m saying), you’re going to be hesitant to bail on your hot streak to go watch what should be a Frogs blowout. Not to mention it can be pretty easy to lose track of time in that city. That’s why an afternoon game would be ideal. Give everyone a chance to see a little football action BEFORE they go and get Roethlisbergered by the casinos. Hopefully everyone that’s going makes it to the game, and I know some of you will be there without fail, but I just feel like an 8pm start in Vegas is a recipe for disaster. I’m upset I won’t be there, but I’m not upset that I won’t have to experience the moral hangover and emotional fear that will take place on the flights home on Sunday. I guess I don’t really hate UNLV so much this week, but more the MWC for this scheduling abortion and the city of Las Vegas for its devious ways. Good luck to everyone out there, and good luck to all the fans here in your efforts to see/remember the game. It’s going to be a struggle (for us, not the team).

Could TCU Jump Boise?

In my small little world, some TCU fans seem to think there's an outside chance we may jump Boise and spoil their chance to be in the MNC game. These thoughts seem to be entirely void of any sort of factual analysis. Even though TCU has Utah left and Boise State's schedule stinks, ours isn't that great outside of Utah.

Jared Bradley at the great has written a great analysis of the polls and the potential of TCU to jump Boise State in the BCS Poll. Here's the money shot:

I think the Utah game will go a long way to helping us close that gap in the human polls. If we are somehow able to pass Boise in one or both human polls, or if we just draw virtually even with them, then I think TCU will be ahead of them in the BCS standings. It's just not as much of a slam dunk as it was last year, and certainly not as much of a slam dunk as many fans probably thought when they initially saw the narrowed gap yesterday. There is a lot of football left to play, but I think the BCS standings are going to come down to the wire this season, as if the 1 second in the UT-Nebraska game last year wasn''t close enough.
Brad Edwards spent a good part of his chat yesterday on talking about Alabama jumping Boise and the chances of TCU or a non-AQ team in the MNC.

Marc (Charlotte, North Carolina)

If Alabama beats Auburn and finishes with just 1 loss, please tell us all that there is no way Alabama leap frogs Boise State/TCU. Thanks.

Brad Edwards
(11:50 AM)

If Alabama finishes 12-1 (including the SEC Championship Game) and gives Auburn its only loss, I think there's a better than average chance the Tide will leap Boise and TCU/Utah. My prediction is that Bama will end up higher in the computers than those teams and will close the gap in the polls enough to make that jump possible ... if not probable.

Ryan (Detroit)

Everyone already assumes Boise will get leap frogged by at least one 1-loss team, maybe two. If BSU doesn't get in this year, is it safe to assume they will never get there?

Brad Edwards
(11:55 AM)

I would assume that. I realize the non-AQ teams have made tremendous strides in recent years, in terms of the respect they're now getting from voters, but if a team that is preseason top 5 can't finish in the top 2 in a year when every team that began ahead of them lost a game, I can't imagine what circumstances would allow it to ever happen. That said, TCU would've played Alabama in last season's BCS title game if Texas had missed the field goal on the final play of the Big 12 Championship Game, so it's clearly not impossible.

Derrick (Salt Lake City)

In 2 weeks, Utah hosts TCU. Will the winner of that game have a chance at jumping Boise St. in the standings?

Brad Edwards
(11:58 AM)

This may not seem logical, but I don't think Utah has the same upside as TCU. My gut feeling is that voters won't elevate them to TCU's spot, so I don't think they have the same potential within the BCS Standings. Unfortunately for Utah, Navy already embarrassed Notre Dame, so even following up a win over TCU with a drubbing of the Irish would have minimal impact.

Cory (Geneva, IL)

TCU is with thousandths of Boise St. Assuming both win out, won't TCU jump them by the end due to their SOS down the stretch vs. Boise's?

Brad Edwards
(12:02 PM)

All things being equal, it will stay really tight between those teams. What may ultimately decide which one finishes higher in the BCS is whether one of them takes its foot off the gas and plays a close game against a weaker opponent down the stretch. Most fans are focused on this Boise State vs TCU battle in the BCS Standings because of the potential for one to reach the national title game, but let's not forget that even if they don't finish top two, the higher-ranked team between them will get an automatic BCS bid, while the other will be left to hope for an at-large invitation. It's a significant race.

Jim Crozier (Boise, Idaho)

Hey Brad, thanks for chatting. If Hawaii and Nevada are ranked when BSU plays them, will BSU wins be enough to hold off TCU in the BCS rankings if TCU beats Utah? Those two teams are just outside the Top-25 now.

Brad Edwards
(12:05 PM)

The fact that Hawaii, Nevada and Fresno are all respectable teams that won't kill Boise's computer numbers is a positive for the Broncos. But don't fool yourself into thinking many voters will be impressed if BSU runs up a big score on them. The national opinion is that Boise should trounce every team in the WAC, whether that's realistic or not.

Dalton among 16 semifinalists for Davey O'Brien Award Star-Telegram

Wesley named MWC Offensive Player of the Week

#4 Frogs hit the road to face UNLV

Rebels must brace for #4 TCU Las Vegas Sun

Undefeated Boise State, TCU sure to cause BCS headaches USA Today

Monday, October 25, 2010

"The showdown in cowtown...

...turns into a let down."


- POLY can shake their keys all they want

...on key shaking
Mr. Wesley Willis made note in the comments about not remembering to add this in his recap. I'm glad he forgot, because this topic deserves it's own spotlight.
Mr. Willis said it was the "biggest lowlight" of the evening, and I concurred. I then thought about this adolescent type bahavior happening every fourth quarter this season, as well as seasons in the past.
And after concurring, I replied..."Paschall High school is down the road and they'd be happy to have you on friday nights," which I think is an accurate response.
This may seem like a dumb post for those of you pro key-shakers out there, or those who could care less, but enough is enough.
Have some class, respect your opponent, and -

Game 8 Recap: Chop Block U.

SWW is Sadly Working from the Woad - sorry guys, it's all I had - this week, so the recap will be less intensive than usual. Most of you are probably rejoicing about this, be honest. A quick look at the Air Force game just as soon as I find some Forrest Gump caliber leg braces for the Utes D-line this weekend as they travel to Colorado Springs...


  • Naturally, Ed Wesley is the major highlight of this one for the Frogs. One of the more underrated aspects of the game was following along on my phone as Wesley got closer and closer to approaching 200 yards, which he finally did on his second and last TD in the fourth quarter. For the game he had a career high 209 yards on a workhorse 28 carries, which is the highest rushing total for a TCU back since Joseph Turner in 2007. Shockingly, LT's 406 yard record still stands. Wesley was absolutely unstoppable Saturday night and- here's a stat- out rushed the ENTIRE Air Force team by 25 yards. They're the #1 ranked rushing attack in the country, you know.

  • The Backup Offensive Line also played a huge role as two starters were sitting with injuries. We know what happened to Dooley last week in the BYU destruction, but I'm a bit unclear why Roth sat out. No matter, Jeff Olson and Spencer Thompson stepped up and paved the way for Wesley's night. The offensive line did not allow a sack, either. The future is in good shape, although it's good to know that we should be back in business with all of our original starters by the Utah game.

  • Jimmy Young went over 2000 yards for his career at TCU. He also got Section V as fired up as it was all night with a couple of well timed menacing glances. Stay real, JY.

  • The Defense also played out of its mind for the fourth straight week, finishing the month of October - all league games - giving up 10 points. TOTAL. Patterson's defenses are always highly lauded and recognized... but what the WHAT? Seriously, they had one bad series on the evening when Air Force took their first possession and rolled off an 89 yard scoring drive... and then nothing. Pretty solid for maybe the most non-descript defense we've had under Patterson. Utah scores a lot of points, but they're going to have a hell of a time making any sort of headway in two weeks if our guys keep this up. Their game in Colorado Springs this weekend should be a good bridge-gapping measuring stick.

  • UT lost to Iowa State. Well, of course I had to add this one in. Just remember - Iowa State lost to Utah and Oklahoma by a combined score of 120-27 and at one time led UT 28-7. You know what, I can't even blame their fairweather fans at this point... that's just sad.

  • Great crowd support on the evening too, as 47,000 Frog faithful showed up despite the elements. I'll be honest - it was looking REALLY bad when I arrived around 4 PM after driving in the most intense rain I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. But, apparently God has a new team in the Metroplex this year as the heavens opened, the temperatures dropped to 60 degrees and we had one of the most perfect football nights imaginable. It definitely helped that the Rangers had an off night - and apparently Jorge Cantu appreciated this as well - but it's nice to see that our fair weather fans didn't take it literally.


  • Clearly the major lowlight here is Kelly Griffin going down with a season ending ankle injury. Griffin was the first freshman to start on a Patterson defense a few years ago, and he and Cory Grant are very integral parts to the success of our run defense. Watching on replay - and judging by Patterson's tight jawed responses in the post game - it suuuuuuure looked like a dirty play to me. To get all technical, Griffin was "engaged" with one blocker and another just came in and dove at his feet and while it didn't look as bad as you'd think, clearly it did the job. From what I understand, Patterson had more than a few words for Troy Calhoun after the game. That said, Jeremy Coleman sure filled in adequately, didn't he? The defense didn't seem to miss a beat at all with the youngster in there plugging up the middle. As you surely know by now, the defense held Air Force to over 160 yards under their season average running the ball, and that doesn't happen if Coleman is in over his head. But still - he's no Kelly Griffin by any means -and not just because he's 20 pounds lighter, although that plays a role - and we can't expect him to have the same kind of impact every single week. It's nice to get a look at your young guys before they're thrown into the fire, but certainly not in this way. Stay strong, KG, and hopefully we'll see you in Glendale post New Years.

  • Well, I said if Andy Dalton's body clock stayed tuned, he'd have an off week this week, and his 11/20, 185 yards 1 TD/1INT night certainly backs me up. The interception was troubling because it was just a really, really poorly thrown, Garret Gilbert-esque display and AD should know better. But still, 377 rushing yards makes up for any lags in the passing department, of which Andy himself played an ample role, kicking in 93 yards of his own. However, Andy had the double entendre of the evening after the game with this gem in reference to his 47 yard camper - "I've never seen that much open grass in my life." Considering he just got engaged, I'd imagine that's about to change. Bonus lul'z - he clearly never hung out with James Battle, either.

  • We all bitched about it enough in the stands, but how pathetic was Air Force's treatment of Kerley on punt returns? Ok ok - clearly I understand the tactic and it was definitely a smart move based on what he can do... but wasn't it just SO frustrating? I know we all became a little grumpy late in the game when it was 4th and long, we knew what they were up to and STILL didn't put anyone back there... but when you're pitching a near shut out and the offense is rolling up yards like it is, you play it straight. Regardless, Ed Wesley probably doesn't hit 200 if they kick away. It should also be noted they did the same thing on kickoffs, although Kerley still averaged 23 yards per.

That's about all I've got today, sorry for the brevity and lack of cohesive information. That's what the Star-Telegram, minus the Engel's, is for. Hope to have a quick preview of the UNLV game this weekend up before I head that way on Friday, and hopefully a decent spitblood contingent will make it out there as well. Getting Games three and four of the World Series in Vegas is the next best thing to being there.

Costly injury

While most of what happened in Saturday night's 38-7 win over Air Force was positive, the first-quarter injury to starting nose tackle Kelly Griffin turned out to be a broken ankle, which will likely sideline the senior for the rest of the season. The Sunday article in the Star-Telegram mentioned that Griffin might have a chance to return for the bowl game, but in the meantime sophomore Jeremy Coleman will have to pick up the slack.

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...and finally, I think I see some familiar faces in this video, taken at Saturday night's game:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

TCU 38, Air Force 7

Patterson's postgame press conference:

Recap from CBS:

Recap from the Skiff:

Friday, October 22, 2010

GP Show: Gary makes a shout out to the crowd

Coming from the man himself:

“This is one of those games when we’ve got some players hurt and we’re gonna need the emotion of the crowd to help us get through it and help us play at a higher level..."

"Everybody needs to come loud and get prepared to be hoarse…And standing up by the time we get started and don’t leave till we’re done..”

Better do what Gary says, or he will hunt you down and "berate" you.

Gameday - All black, grey helmet

Spitblood Predictions: Air Force

Alright, SB readers, let's hear it:

-Final Score
-Offensive MVP
-Defensive MVP
-Special Teams MVP
-Final Attendance
-Rangers in 6, Rangers in 7 or Yankees in 7

BCS:It's just the way it is

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but this bit of parody songsmanship about how the BCS stinks made me smile. Makes some great points about how a playoff could be worth $5 million to ever Div-IA football program, and how it's the ONLY sports league in the world where a team can go undefeated and not win a championship.


Game 8 Preview: Air Force Falcons.

They live for fame or go down in flames?
I like their style, nothing left to chance.

Like many of you, I find it hard to cheer against the service academies, even when they’re playing TCU. By that I mean, when we’re playing someone like Baylor or BYU, I want all of their players to get injured or die, sometimes more than I really want TCU to win; with Air Force, Army and Navy, I want us to win, but I also wish the opponent well. The reasons for this are clear, so I don’t suspect I need to go into them. So, rather than turn this into a negative snark fest and talk about how much we’re going to roll, I’ll keep it respectable and be as objective as possible. Besides, Air Force is actually good, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

What You Need to Know About Air Force.

They still like to run the ball. A lot. They lead the nation in attempts (60) per game and yards (346) per game and, since we've been in the MWC, they’ve never been out of the top five in either category to finish the year. So, same as it ever was, what you see is what you get when you play the Falcons. They are who we think they are, right Denny Green? This tactic is definitely a product of necessity due to the special cirucmstances of their recruiting, but when you look at what the Falcons and Navy have been able to do with it, who would argue with the results? Certainly not Notre Dame, and both have been to far more bowl games than Baylor, after all.

As Kerleys pointed out earlier in the week, the run game takes a big hit without Jared Tew being available to take hand offs, but the Falcons also played without QB Tim Jefferson last year when we rolled into Colorado Springs, and we all remember how that one turned out. And we surely all remember 2007 when the Falcons rolled off a bazillion yard TD run on 4th down late in the game which they eventually won. Needless to say, Air Force is capable of breaking a big run at any time and we will have to be extremely disciplined if we want to slow them down. But, we all need to get one thing through our heads: Air Force is going to rack up some yards on the ground. When you run it 77% of the time – yes, I did the math – eventually all of the blocks are going to set up perfectly or someone will attempt a sloppy tackle and it’ll be off to the races; even in their two losses, they ran up over 300 yards on the ground. So, when it happens, we can't get down about it and hang our heads because it's just reality.

Leading the charge is RB Asher Clark with 664 yards on the year, and QB Tim Jefferson places third with 464 yards and a team leading 7 TDs. The injured Tew is sandwiched between those guys with 540 yards, so that impact cannot be discounted, but when you have two players as dangerous as Clark and Jefferson, I’m not sure it’s going to necessarily be the death blow that you might expect. Especially when you consider that…

The Air Force Offense: Now With Optional Passing Mode. Yes, Air Force has started playing to their name and actually moves the ball through the air these days, and with some ease. While Tim Jefferson’s 838 yards per game aren’t going to get him on the Baugh watch list, you still have to consider those 6 passing TDs on the year as something to watch out for. Yes, I realize they only average 123 yards per game through the air, but for a team who has played – and won – entire games without even so much as thinking about attempting a forward pass, this is ground breaking stuff. They don’t have any big time play makers at receiver who are going to stretch the field and make the DBs play off them – their longest pass play on the year is 51 yards, and that’s well longer than the second best – but all it takes is a quick swing pass and a missed tackle to completely change the momentum of the game. Stereotypically you may think that Air Force, Navy and Army are government sponsored glorified intramural teams, but, at least speaking for Air Force, the players are far more athletic than you may think and, as we’ve seen first hand, they’re very fast. Like I said, Jefferson likely isn’t going to go deep on us, but the fact remains we didn’t face him last year due to injury so there is sure to be a modest learning curve.

Air Force Still Plays Defense. A Lot. Air Force, as they’re prone to do, are stingy on defense, only giving up 20 points per contest and 344 yards total. They’re especially not interested in giving up any yards through the air, ranking near the top of the entire NCAA with 163 yards per game; by comparison, TCU gives up 128. They have also picked off 7 passes on the year and recovered 4 fumbles. They’re not as scary against the run – 180 yards per – but, given that if his body clock holds true Dalton is due a down week, the Falcons may be able to overload us up front and force us to go against our offensive strengths. I’m not saying it will happen… but BYU has one of the worst rush defenses in the country and they came out and kicked us in the balls in that department last week, so anything is possible.

Personally? I don’t think we’ll have two back to back down weeks running the ball, but if they ARE able to slow us down early, it’s going to be up to Dalton to put points on the board, and it’s going to be a lot more difficult than last week. Statistically, this will be the strongest passing D we’ll face all year until Utah.

Air Force Will Not Turn the Ball Over. The numbers can look deceiving when you compare them to the stinginess that is the TCU offense – 7 fumbles, 1 lost vs. 8/5 for Air Force – but the Falcons have also run the ball 422 times, so that’s only about 1% of the time that they’re going to lose a fumble. They HAVE thrown 4 INTs on only 99 pass attempts – inexperience, it sucks – but considering we have linebackers that pick off passes better than a lot of team’s entire secondaries, I have a feeling they won’t be attempting anything too risky there. And, really, lost fumbles are typically the result of bad luck – we could easily be staring hard at 5 lost had the ball bounced the wrong way. I know a few of our seven were due to passed snaps, but considering the turnover bug that bit us against them last year – 3 to 0, although the cold certainly played a role – we can’t play that way this week and expect a similar result.

How They Lose. The big question – in the two games the Falcons have lost, what happened to make things go sour? To preface, the Falcons two losses have only come by 5 combined points – 3 to #1 ranked Oklahoma in Norman, 2 to a San Diego State team that may bust into the top 3 in the MWC this year. And while OU is probably ranked at least 4-5 spots too high in the BCS, the fact remains they ARE #1 and they have beaten Florida State and Texas, both in the Top 25.

The OU Game – Really, if you look solely at the stats, it’s absolutely SHOCKING that the Falcons lost this one. They controlled the time of possession, first downs, total yards, you name it. They limited Landry Jones to 1 TD on the day and just 250 yards passing, but the difference in this one is very good news for us – RB DeMarco Murray had 110 yards and 2 TDs. Ed Wesley, take note. And, to play devil’s advocate for OU, it WAS 27-10 in the third quarter before OU went into coast mode and let the Falcons score two in the 4th. But still, the #1 team in the country shouldn’t be afforded the luxury of sneaking by on cruise control, so if they truly deserve their billing, this one should never have gotten that far. Two other things that killed Air Force – special teams as they let OU run a squib kick back into their own territory, and their one turnover was absolutely KILLER and shut down a drive deep in OU’s end of the field. You’d like to think that if you’re only going to have one turnover in a game against a team like Oklahoma you’d still have a chance, but this was definitely one of those ones that will stick with them. Basically this game came down to one player and that was DeMarco Murray, who in addition to the 2 rushing scores had a TD reception, and he hasn’t played that well since that game which suggests a thing or two about the Air Force front seven. Again, Ed Wesley, take note.

The SDSU Game – This game is almost a mirror image of the OU loss as Air Force DOMINATED the stat sheet but still came up short. And, again, it was the run defense that let them down as SDSU stud RB Ronnie Hillman had 191 yards and 2 TDs. Sensing a trend here? Given, Hillman’s TD’s came on runs of 65 and 44 yards, so a tackle here and a tackle there may have completely reversed this outcome… but it didn’t. Ed Wesley, take note. It should also be noted that AF lost Jared Tew in this one, which didn’t help matters, and then had a 2 pt conversion reversed on replay, which decided the outcome. I think you can definitely make the case for Air Force getting caught looking ahead in this one, but the Aztecs are a far more talented team than anyone is ready to give them credit for. And, like OU, they held a comfortable lead in the fourth quarter, with Air Force only coming within a field goal with 2 minutes left… and then they let Hillman run a TD on the first play after recovering an onside kick, and that was that. Air Force DID score with 18 seconds left, but the Hillman TD ruined their chances. Again, Ed Wesley, take note.

What I Think. Since you all care, and all. Our overall offensive strategies are very similar - run the ball and control the clock and the game will take care of itself. However, I think our defensive and offensive fronts are stronger than theirs, so this is a battle we should be able to win. As much as I tried to downplay it above, I think losing Tew is going to be a pretty tough blow for Air Force to deal with tomorrow night. When the vast majority of your offense is running the ball, losing a key contributor like Jared Tew is going to make life a little more difficult. Without him the majority of last week, Air Force was held under their season average… but they still had 312 yards, and even went above their passing average with 175 and scored a TD that way. But, if they stick to this tactic this week, this will play greatly into our hands. Like I said, Jefferson isn’t going to throw anything too deep, but if we’re playing the receivers tight and he’s forced to throw, that situation should be ripe for a pick six. As I said earlier, if Dalton’s body clock is still in tune, he’s due for a let down this week - especially considering the defense - and the ground game is going to have to be the difference maker, but to be honest the tables couldn’t turn at a better time. BYU may have shut us down with a worse run defense, but I don’t think we can underestimate how much they’ve benefitted from having Bronco Mendenhall run that operation the past couple of weeks. It won’t be like Colorado State or Wyoming, but I have little doubt Ed Wesley, Matthew Tucker and Waymon James will up to the task. Air Force will pile up some rushing yards, but we’ll beat them at their own game.

The Pick. TCU 31, Air Force 17.

Our second and last night game of the year at Amon G. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve really hated all of the day games we’ve been forced to deal with. Not just because of the sun, but just because it really tempers the mood when you have to be raring to go by 2:30PM. Other than Utah and now maybe San Diego State, this is our toughest game of the year, and having it played at night is going to be a huge advantage. There could very well be a Rangers game 7 going on, and if so, screw those guys for not closing it out in 2 chances, but Cliff Lee will be on the mound so you really shouldn’t have much to fret about. I expect to see everyone inside and make this a true sellout.

I Hate Attendance Smack Talk...

...but this just couldn't go unmentioned. Looks like Mack Brown and the big, bad University of Texas are having to BEG fans to come out for the Iowa State game. Yeah, maybe they will get 80,000 to the game, but I doubt it, and if they do it will be a T-shirt fan paradise. The crowd at DKR might look like the infield at Talladega on Saturday morning. So way to go Texas, you talk shit about attendance until the cows come home, but at the first sign of trouble your fans stay clear of you like you've got Ebola. If we did have any UT readers they'd come on here and talk about how much more 70,000 is than the 45,000 we will probably draw, but let me ask you this: what looks better, a 50,000+ student body and a stadium that seats 90,000 with 70,000 in it, or a near capacity 45,000 with a student body of 8,000? That's what I thought. Once again, Texas gets scoreboarded by little ole TCU. It's days like today that I wish Purple Pansy still frequented our blog...


Patterson says Wesley was never in harm's way Star-Telegram

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Future Frog?:

Waxahachie's LaDarius Brown keeping quiet about his college plans Dallas Morning News
-narrowed his choices to TCU and aggy

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gary talks a little about BCS

video courtesy -

ESPN has slow day.

If I read or hear the word "berated" one more time, Crazy Dave will come out and do some berating himself...Who gives a shit, possibly even two or three about this?

Rod Gilmore... what a nut bag.

By the way, this meaningless story comes in at #2 on ESPN's home page.
Thanks to D for the new graphic.

Game of the Week:

Baylor (5-2) vs. Kansas State (5-1)...2:30pm Saturday
-Hard to believe, but the Baylor Bears are just one win away from their first bowl berth in 16 years. Their Homecoming opponent this weekend is the #22 Wildcats, who like the Bears, have also administered a completed Roethlisbergering of the Kansas Jayhawks while also playing the counterpart in that Georgia Pizzeria of a role-play (they got beat by Nebraska even worse than Baylor lost to the Frogs).


SMU (4-3) vs. Houston (3-3)...2:30pm Saturday on CBS-College Sports
-It's Homecoming at SMU as well, which I guess means that coked-out Pony alums will be coming from far & wide to...well, probably just go to Barley House or Ozona's instead of the game. With a win in this one, the Mustangs would be two games up on the rest of the competition for the CUSA West title.

Colorado State (2-5) at Utah (6-0)...5:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Air Force couldn't hold on to their Top 25 ranking long enough to come to Fort Worth with it, so hopefully Utah will not suffer the same fate. They're up to #9 now, and the higher they can climb the larger the benefit from a potential win in Salt Lake City.

San Diego State (4-2) at New Mexico (0-6)...9:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-After ruining Air Force's chances of facing the Frogs as a ranked team last week, the Aztecs are now 4-2 and staring a very soft next three games (starting with the softest in a drrreeeeaaaddful New Mexico team) in the face with a chance to be 7-2 and possibly ranked/close to being ranked when they visit FW. Interestingly enough, this game is being carried by The Mtn AND a local station in San Diego. Why can't that shit happen here when the Frogs games are on The Mtn?

Wyoming (2-5) at BYU (2-5)...1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Right now, the MWC has four teams that look like they'll be going bowling (TCU, Utah, Air Force and SDSU). The winner of this game, while they'll still be just 3-5, is the league's best chance for a fifth. The Cougars probably have a better chance than the Cowboys, but still, fuck those guys.

Tennessee Tech (3-4) at Tennessee State (3-4)...6:00pm Saturday on ESPN3
-Do you really care that much about this game? Sure, we want Tennessee Tech to win, but still. It should be noted that this game will be carried on ESPN3, which is more coverage than Baylor is getting for their game against a ranked team.

Oregon State (3-3) and UNLV (1-6) are off this week.

Chris Del Conte: PR guru

"Let's be clear -- we had a misunderstanding on the sideline during a very emotional football game," TCU athletics director Chris Del Conte said in a statement. "Dr. Haraldson has explained that all the full details, at the time, had not been communicated to Coach Patterson. Both Dr. Haraldson and Coach Patterson have apologized to each other and we've moved forward. We consider the matter closed."

Read the full story HERE.

Players to Watch Week 8: Air Force Falcons

Some of you may have noticed there was no Week 8 opponent hate, and there is a good reason for that. Air Force is unhatable. They’re actually incredibly likeable. They play teams like OU down to the wire, give us fits yearly it seems, and they fight and scrap with undersized players who execute their game plan to near perfection all the time. Oh, and not to mention they fight for our country and everyone should respect that. I also doubt any Air Force fans will be talking attendance smack and pimping their military ID’s following a blowout loss. I’m happier having Air Force in our conference than anyone else, and I wish them success every week…except this one. So this weeks players to watch edition will be a little different than the rest, as in I’ll try to refrain from scathing commentary or insulting the players.

Offense- Nathan Walker (Sr. FB, 5'11 215, #39)

Tiny photo deserves tiny font.

Walker has the unenviable task of replacing injured starter Jared Tew, who is out for the season with a broken leg, at the fullback spot. Now in modern day college football, most see the fullback as pretty useless. I mean, we wouldn’t exactly hit the panic button if Luke Shivers went down with an injury, although he’s pretty money inside the red zone. However, in the option attack that Air Force employs the fullback is essential to their success. Tew had gained 540 yards, good for second on their team in rushing, and 3 TDs on the season. He also currently leads the team in carries with 110, but obviously that will change. Walker is no slouch though. He has 4 TDs on the season, good for second on the team, and he’s a senior who has got substantial playing time last year as well, rushing for 218 and 2 TDs a year ago. If Air Force is going to have anywhere near the success they have been having all year on the ground, a lot of weight rests on the shoulders of Nathan Walker occupying our defensive tackles and linebackers not only on plays where he gets the ball, but also on fakes that allow QB Tim Jefferson and RB Asher Clark to get to the edge.

Defense- Reggie Rembert (Sr. CB, 5’8 185, #8)

Rembert running on ice vs TCU 2009.

Rembert, a Flower Mound native, was a first team All-MWC selection a year ago and the key piece to a defense that led the nation against the pass last year. Their pass defense is no fluke- ask TCU, BYU, or Houston’s golden boy Case Keenum, whom they picked off 6 TIMES!!! Rembert has been starting since his freshman year, and is arguably the best defensive player in the conference that doesn’t wear purple and black (and white, metallic silver, frog-skin, and whatever else kind of freaky shit we dress in). I’d go through and talk about his numbers in prior years, but that could take a while, so I’ll stay current. This season he already has 27 tackles, 2 for loss, 3 picks, 5 pass break ups, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovered. In years past he had been returning kicks and punts as well, including a pretty solid day returning punts against the Frogs in the Ice Bowl II last season, but his duties seem to be almost primarily defensive this year with 0 kick returns and 4 punt returns for 7 yards. I guess they realize how valuable a shut down corner is, and they have one. If we want Jeremy Kerley to have a big day, I suggest lining him up in the slot or as far away from Rembert as possible. Judging from his recent play, I would expect to see Josh Boyce lined up across from him Saturday night, so maybe we will get to see how the young Boyce plays when matched up against a true star at the cornerback position. Or maybe they put him on the veteran Jimmy Young. I don’t know, but whoever it is probably won’t have a game breaking performance. I suggest we try to establish the run, because Rembert and the secondary are an experienced unit that have given better passing attacks than ours fits for the past 2 years.