Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update- Frog Club Luncheon

Well I got informed by Mrs. Reginal and Lady Luck, it was white helmets that were suppose to make the debute this weekend, not the new white uni's, so thank her for fact checking and now I am not allowed to go to the luncheon drunk. And the tiff between the coaches, looks like the Baylor Bears are jealous step sisters (and not the hot kind, where you feel guilty about those "feelings") because they have been talking shit about TCU to recruits. Classy coaches, we are so the better Christian school. Supposably Baylor has their bible in a wad because TCU was blocking them from joining the mountain west conf. (during those weeks the big XII was falling apart, obviously) and they didn't like another Texas school jumping on the bandwagon of telling them what to do. Patterson's response, well we are doing what we need to do to win, new practice facilities, weightroom, stadium renovations and Baylor is getting there, getting new facilities as well, but we did it without those millions paid out to AQ teams. My interpretation; TCU had to walk to school uphill in the snow both ways and Baylor has a damn chauffeur and had a friend that new the principle so they always got an A, and they blew their trust fund with nothing to show for it. Baylor you suck my left froggie ball.


THEFINCH said...

I'm pulling you over for a BWI

Reginal and Lady Luck said...

blogging license suspended.

D said...

I've already got 3 of those