Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stuff that you can watch

First, a TCU-Oregon State preview from CBS Sports featuring Spencer Tillman, one of the smartest and most objective college football analysts in the country:

(Jason Horowitz = Jonathan from 30 Rock?)

Next up, it's another TCU-Oregon State preview. This one courtesy of Emory Hunt, who calls himself "The Czar of the Playbook":

(Funny, he doesn't look Communist...)

Now we hear from Oregon State running back (and native Texan) JaQuizz Rodgers, in his press conference fielding questions about the TCU game:

(I don't have anything to say making fun of 'Quizz, because he could probably beat me up)

Now we've got a video update from the staff of the TCU Daily Skiff:

(I guess the youtube Skiff is about as good as the print version...but at least he was better than the "Boom goes the dynamite" kid)

And finally, a scene from the last time TCU and Oregon State encountered each other. At the time, this might've been the greatest moment in TCU baseball history:

(Seems pretty small potatoes after this past year, huh?)

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