Friday, September 24, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: SMU

I figured I'd get this posted early today, since I assume that most of you are taking at least half the day off to get over to the overrated Boulevard. Alright, you know the drill- final score and top performances on offense, defense and special teams.

And remember this is NOT SMU's Super Bowl, they swear.


Lyle Lanley said...

I'm gonna go with 48-17.

Offense: If I keep picking against Ed Wesley, will he keep on churning out big yardage? I think Matthew Tucker steals a little of the spotlight from our favorite flat-top tonight.

Defense: I think tonight is Stansley Maponga's time to shine. 2 sacks from the redshirt freshman.

Special Teams: As much as punt/kick returns are fun, I want to see another big hit from Greg Burks.

shortnkerley's said...

55-17 Frogs.
Offense- Dalton continues to have the hot hand and starts to make a name for himself as a legitimate Heisman contender, rushing for 2 and passing for 3 more TD's.

Defense- Stansly Maponga will pressure Padron all day long and keep him out of his rythym. He probably wont cause any turnovers himself, but his pressure will force some INT's.

Special Teams- It's getting a little redundant, but Kerley. He's going to score 2 special teams TD's today. He owned SMU last year, and he's been too close to breaking some this year to not break one. He's due.

33,000 fans. 13K TCU. By halftime, 15K fans. 13K TCU.

Riff Ram said...

49-13 Frogs

O: Dalton

D: The Dynamic Duo of Carder & Brock

ST: Kerley

Joe said...
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Middle Man said...

55-20 Frogs

Offense- Dalton. Repeat of last week. Throws 3 TDs, runs another.

Defense- Daniels. He is going to be all over the place tonight. Wont let Padron settle.

ST- Kerley. Repeat from last year hopefully.

With the rain 32k fans

Jack Burton said...

44-10... ponies get a td and a field goal

Offense: Dalton channeling his inner rooster, and I have to go with Hicks hauling in a few td's

Defense: Im going on a limb here and saying McCoy will make up for his play thus far and grab a pick or two

Special Teams: Kerley nuff said.

Lots of purple in the seats, and lots of sad ponies

CrabblerK3 said...

TCU 44
SMU 16

Off: I see Tucker all night. Wesley will be their focus. I really want Dawson to just explode one of these weeks though. I love speed.

Def: I see Cory Grant having a huge day because SMU's starting center is a midget, but I won't be able to back that up. Numbers will say Tejay Johnson. Think he gets a pick at the least.

Sp Teams: The answer is Kerley.

Adam said...


O: Wesley will make SMU miss and score several TD. Our run game will have to work so we can keep the run-and-shoot off the field

D: Brock. I don't know why, I just like the guy

ST: Kerley will finally take one in.

Bumblebeetuna said...

Our father, who art in F-Dub, Horned Frog be thy name. Thy kingdom come, a touch down run, in Carter as the Frogs score Seven. Give us this day our weekly win and forgive us our dropped passes, as we pick off those who drop passes against us. And lead us not into score inflation, but deliver us victorious. For thine art coached by Patterson, with integrity and passion, forever.


Frogs 52
Ponies 10

CrabblerK3 said...

@ Bumblebeetuna

There's a fine line between creative license and what we ripped that Baylor carol for. Be careful.