Friday, September 3, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: The Oregon State game

I have been counting down the days leading up to the 2010 season opener since, well, the day after the Fiesta Bowl. Quite simply, football season > the rest of the year. By far. So now we're finally just one day away from the Frogs' first game of this fall, and it's time again to see which of you are the best at seeing into the future. Post your predictions for the game in the comments section:

-The final score
-Offensive Player of the Game
-Defensive Player of the Game
-Special Teams Player of the Game
-Total Attendance
-Anything else you think is going to happen.

Also, there's a free koozie for whoever correctly predicts who will score TCU's first touchdown of the year. But if you post your prediction for that in the comments section, you don't get the free koozie. You've got to register that in the thread on the fledgling Section V forum. Still plenty of good offensive skill position players left.


Lyle Lanley said...

I'm gonna go with Frogs 34, Oregon State 28

Offense: Jeremy Kerley (10 catches)

Defense: Wayne Daniels (2.5 sacks)

Special Teams: Greg McCoy

Attendance: I'm going big...50,000

Curt McDurt said...

TCU 31
OSU 21

Offense: Dalton

Defense: Tank

Special: Kerley Frie

Attendance: 42,000

Joe said...

I am going with the Frogs starting out strong in a bid to go back to a BCS game and dominating OSU.

Frogs: 42, OSU 30

Offense: Andy Dalton (200+ passing yards and 3 td's)

Defense: Tank Carder (15 tackles, INT)

Special Teams: Jeremy Kerley (TD return)

Attendance: 40,000.

THEFINCH said...

TCU - 41 OSU - 17
Ed Wesley
Teejay Johnson
Jeremy Kerley

jonathan.bender said...

TCU 35

Offense: Andy Dalton 2 TD's passing, Tucker 2 TD's and Wesley 1 TD

Defense: Hold OSU's Roger's to 75 yards rushing

Special Teams: No mistakes

Attendance: 44,000

LA Frog said...

Las Ranas 40 Dam State 17

Offense: Dalton (3 TDs)
Defense: McCoy (pick 6)
Special Teams: McCoy (TD return)
Attendance: 52K

Matt said...

45-17 drubbing

gtgossett said...

TCU Horned Frogs 41
OSU River Rodents 20

Dalton (225+ , 17/28, 2TD, 1Rush TD)

Tank (12 tackles, 1 sack, 2 tips, 1 INT)

Jeremy Kerley (100+ total return yds, 1 punt return TD)


Angry Trey said...

TCU 31-20 over the Beavers.

Offense: Dalton

Defense: Tejay Johnson

Special Teams: Kerley

Attendance: 41,050

LA Frog said...

Other predictions:

10 times ESPN mentions "it's a homecoming for the Rodgers bros"

5 times ESPN mentions Ja-ques as heisman candidate in 1st quarter

0 times ESPN mentions Ja-ques as heisman candidate after 1st quarter (he will only get 60 yards rushing) total)

8 to 1 margin ESPN cameras find the TCU cheerleaders/showgirls vs. the Beaver cheerleaders

gregreininger said...

TCU 35-23
Offense: Hicks
Defense: T Johnson
ST: Kerley
Attendance: 41,575

Kerley will take his first kickoff return to the house

Slay Purple said...

TCU 35, OSU 10
O MVP: Dalton
D MVP: Tank
Special Teams: Kerley
Attendence: 45,000+

shortnkerley's said...

37-14 Frogs. Over by halftime.

Offense- The entire rb committee. We get back to what got us to the Fiesta Bowl.

Defense- Tejay gets a pick and 10+ tackles on the Rodgers bros.

Special Teams- 3 fg's by Evans. It's hard to miss in a done.

44,500. Good, loud crowd though.

VikingFrog said...

Frogs 31 Beavers 6

Frogs d comes out feisty as ever.

O: Dawson

D: Wayne Daniels

ST: kerley to the house

Attendance: 47,500

Angry Trey said...

**10 times ESPN mentions "it's a homecoming for the Rodgers bros"**

Ill take the over on that for sure! They will get that in 10 times during the pre game show. They will go over 25 total in pregame and during the game. That is all I have heard the last week.