Friday, September 17, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: Baylor

I apologize for not getting this post up last week. But obviously, it didn't matter against Tennessee Tech. Not taking any chances against Baylor, though, so you guys know the drill...see how predicted the game, then let me know what you think:

-Final Score Prediction
-Offensive MVP
-Defensive MVP
-Special Teams MVP
-Attendance...does it top the '09 Utah game?


Lyle Lanley said...

I'm going conservative with the score...Frogs 34, Bears 14

Offense: While it'll be Wesley gashing them early, Matthew Tucker will wear them down in the second half to seal the game.

Defense: Tanner Brock played against Griffin in practice every day at Copperas Cove, and will show people that he can defend him in a game, too.

Special Teams: I'd love to predict Kerley to take one to the house every week, but the statistics say that won't be the case. I look for Anson Kelton to help the Frogs win the field-position battle by pinning the Bears deep a few times.

Attendance: I'm gonna go with 47,500...well short of the Frogasm against Utah, but still the second-largest crowd in stadium history.

Texas Hammer said...

Frogs - 41

gaylor - 17

Offense - Waymon James

Defense - Tank

ST - Kerley

Rotten Arsenal said...

Final Score: 41-17 TCU... Knowing our penchant for starting slow and spotting the other team the first quarter (so Patterson can assimilate their gameplan and then destroy it), I say we let them hang during the first half and then wear them down and grind them to dust in the 2nd half.

Offense: Gotta go with Wesley, too... although I'm not sure Andy will sit idly by and let some Waco mook take top honors in the QB category... I say there's a chance AD outgains RG3 on the ground.

Defense: Tank Carder... no good reason... I just like Tank.

Special Teams: We don't need no special teams

Attendance: No way we beat the Utah numbers, but I think we can break 48k

Rotten Arsenal said...

I like the way you think, Hammer...

Middle Man said...

TCU 38

Offense- Dalton 3 TDs, no INTs
Defense- Tank
ST- Kerley

attendance- it will be hot as balls. 49600

gtgossett said...

Frogs 45
cubs 13

Andy Dalton (18/24, 200ish yrds, 2TD, 50+ Rushing and 1TD Rushing)

Tank (1INT, 3 TFL, 1 RGIII ACL for halftime snacks)

Kerley (as much as Baylor will be punting tomorrow, how can he not break one loose)

49,000+ (The amount of Green/Gold will fluctuate downward between the half)

buffalo said...

same as hammer, except i predict a shut down of RGtres.
41 - 6. no touchdowns.

shortnkerley's said...

42-21 Good Guys
offense- kerley
defense- daniels
st- kerley
attendance- 48k.

Kerley goes off Peter Warrick style in this one.

Cro-magnon Frog said...

TCU - 47
Baylor - 24

Baylor's "light out" D hasn't seen an offense like ours yet and we will catch them on their heels. But as gay as his nickname is, griffin is good and i think will make a couple big plays.

Offense: Antoine Hicks BABY!

D: The group of D ends who play opposite daniels will put it all together and step it up to help contain griffin

ST: Section V. We will bring the house down

Attendance: I'm going right at 45,000. It will be hot hot hot and people who bought tickets might be inclined to stay out in the parking lot. But the student section could be impressive.

*on a side note, I heard coach briles like to touch little kids

Thats one shot kid, one shot said...

TCU 34-17
3 offensive TD's (2 Rushing 1 Passing)
1 Def/Special Teams TD
2 FG


48,000 and change


Jack Burton said...

T C U know it: 48

Others: 21

Offence: Antoine Hicks reveals himself as a god on field

Defense: Daniels has a career defining game

Special Teams: Kerley to the house at least once

Attendance: just shy of the Utah game, but sandstorm makes a comeback

Cro-magnon Frog said...

sandstorm coming back would be the tits.

Angry Trey said...

TCU wins 35-10


Defense: Tank Carder

Wont beat Utah but will come close.

Angry Trey said...

They played Sandstorm during the Tennessee Tech game

LT4heisman said...

Is that Professor X?

HFrog77 said...

-Final Score: TCU 45, Gaylor 16
-Offensive MVP: Rooster
-Defensive MVP: Tanner Brock
-Special Teams MVP: Kerley
-Attendance: 47,784

I love the build up this week about how much better Gaylor is this year. Those thoughts will be forgotten by 6:30 pm CT Saturday. We'll smoke 'em. 1 TD and 3 FGs if they're lucky.

D said...

Frogs 38-10

O - Young.

A lot of talk and focus this week on our running game, so I'm hoping AD will sky a few early on to catch them off guard.

Make their D cautious, then run it down their fucking throat.

D - Waaaaaaaaaaaayne - 2 sacks, forced fumble.

ST - Agree w-Cro-magnon. Section V.

V's going to mind fuck the bears so bad, they're all going to need counseling after this one.

Att - 49,997

spitblood - get fucking rowdy

Joe said...

Frogs - 56 - 14

(If TCU really is one of the best five teams in the country, then the score should be higher against a one-man team.)

Offense - Dalton

Defense - Daniels

ST - Kerley

Attendance 46,750.

Baddi B. said...

72-0 Fuck you Baylor!!!!

Bumblebeetuna said...

52-7 -Final Score Prediction
Kerley -Offensive MVP
Brock -Defensive MVP
Kerley-Special Teams MVP
49,877 (bank it) -Attendance...does it top the '09 Utah game?

Kerley is going to kick some ass

LA Frog said...

TCU 45 - Baylor 16

Young - 90 yds/1 TD

Teague with another pick or Daniels with 2 sacks of RG3

Kerley (just in kickoff yards -- no punt yards)

Attendance: 46, 250

VikingFrog said...

Frogs 45
Baylor 10