Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sour Grapes - SMU

While it was good to hear that most Frog fans had an overall positive experience with the Pony fans in Dallas this past weekend, and that they were no where near as obnoxious or delusional as Baylor fans, I have managed to find quite a bit of whining going on in the blogosphere. Most of it revolves around SMU fans thinking that we are vastly overrated (and somehow using our ranking to rank themselves), attacking our strength of schedule, giving ridiculous predictions on how we would fare against teams from either the SEC or Big 10 (guess the Big 12 wouldn't really help their arguement), and basically massaging the hairy bean bag of June Jones while deflecting any blame/criticism away from him and his Tony Soprano-esque shiny grey shirt.

That being said, it was tough to narrow the biggest crybaby down to one person, but congratulations NickSMU17 on PonyFans.com, you are that guy. Here's some bombs of wisdom that he dropped on all of us:

"Did any of you go to the game...SMU played well but the first team defn was not outclassed by tcu, if tcu is #4 we are 10...they aren't that good...Curly was the difference tonight...dalton is far overrated as is tcu...If they played in an AQ conference they are middle of the pack...no knock on SMU as they are getting better, but TCU was not impressive...Padron played like a guy starting in his 10th game...he was safe until the last pick...1 bad decision all night cost us a shot at the game...tcu didn't win, we let them have it... the Int. was a surprise even to the DB who grabbed it...And to say the game was decided by the end of the third quarter is like admitting you were not there...TCU sucks...shtty academic school, bad campus, overrated football team...not impressed with them...I think the next 2 years are ours."

Gotta love the way he just launches into an attack on the academics and campus at the end, really gets his point across. Oh and he also went on to say that if we played Ohio St. we would get beat by 40.

Well thats it for this week, as always if anyone has found something better or has some good first hand accounts of opposing fans getting their panties in a wad please share.


Texas Hammer said...

Because smew is such a hotbed of Academia.

What a bunch of pussies!

buffalo said...

smu is average academically unless you are considered graduate programs. way to go bro!

buffalo said...

* considering

Leslie Wade said...
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HFrogPrincess said...

(not sure what happened to my last comment...anyhow...)

Over all positive experience? Hmm. I wouldn't say that.

I went with two other girls, they got spit on by an SMU frat and then some SMU mom was talking trash about our school (not the football team...the actual school) the entire game. It was ridiculous.

bscooter26 said...

Top 30 in undergraduate business programs in the nation seems pretty average to me as well.

Texas Hammer said...

Go fuck yourself, scooter.

Academic smack is awesome!

Battle for the Iron Skillet (1990 -2010)

TCU 15-5

smu 5-15