Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sour Grapes - Oregon State Edition

Well this is the first addition of Sour Grapes, where I scan through our opponents fansites to find the biggest whiners out there complaining about all the unspeakable things our team did to them the previous weekend.
To tell you the truth, as I am sure many who attended the game at Jerryworld may have noticed, overall the Oregon State fans were a pretty nice group of people. I'm not sure if its because of all the illicit substances that their hippie fanbase tends to partake in or if they were just shocked at all the good looking girls we have in Texas (most of the female Beaver fans I saw were "homely"and looked like they were huge fans of Team Edward), but I truly couldn't find much whining on their fansites. In fact those sites as a whole are pretty tame compared to SB, with far less hate and practically no swearing. Maybe thats why they were so boring? Anyways, here's about the most whiny statement I could find, and it comes from osubeavs721 on ESPN's website:
"If we would have played defense in the first half like we did in the second half, OSU would have won. But we didnt...I honestly think OSU is the better team. We played pretty poorly on both sides of the ball and had chances to win. TCU is not a legit NC contender."
Like I said, pretty vanilla as far as whining goes, but deluded all the same. Hopefully next week we'll see the tears really flow, that is assuming Tennessee Tech actually has people that write about their football progam.


Geezer Frog said...

I believe the osu blogger in question may be confused that we were interested in competing with the beavers for the NC of gay colleges.

CrabblerK3 said...

"that is assuming Tennessee Tech actually has people that write about their football progam."


HFrog77 said...

Nice bump for us in the polls released today: #4 in the AP and #5 in the USA Today Coaches poll.

Nice to know that Florida, Texas and Oklahoma can drop in the polls when they play like shit. Texas is #5 in the AP, Florida sunk to #8 and Oklahoma to #10. That said, UT still got 1 first place vote -- probably from the guy at the Austin American-Statesman.

Angry Trey said...

Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News voted Texas #1. He obviously doesnt watch football.

Angry Trey said...

You can bombard him on twitter @InsideUSC

Lisa said...
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spoiledguineabrat said...

sour grapes are my fave