Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sour Grapes - Baylor

45-10. That's why
So just as I figured there has been no shortage of Baylor fans crying about the game on the message boards. Most of it revolves around RG3 showing everyone how incredibly overhyped he was, how it's all Briles fault and he needs to be fired, how their girlfriends won't let them round second base, etc. But the greatest whiners of all come from the folks over at that wannabe website theebears.com. Here are a few gems from their post-game turd of a breakdown:
"TCU's defense is extremely susceptible to giving up big plays (which we almost connected on 3 different times but was over-thrown every time)" - That's like saying I almost banged Oprah because I saw her at an airport one time (don't judge me).
"How about that helmet to helmet hit on the TCU punt return? No one is going to get that call down 32 points, but we're very fortunate someone didn't get hurt" - Pussy. Enough said.
"Unfortunately our players didn't realize how much jealousy TCU has for Baylor. To them this is a HUGE rivalry game." - Really? I have absolutely no idea where he is getting this from. It must be because they are in the Big 12 and we only go undefeated and play in BCS bowl games.
There's plenty more whiners out there so please feel free to comment on any that I have missed, or even better ones that were heard first hand during the game.


Rotten Arsenal said...

I just haven't found much whining that isn't self-loathing... it's kinda sad. After the big talk going into the game, it's just kinda devolved into a "oh well, we suck again..." conversation.

I actually got bored reading BaylorFans.com because it was just a bunch of "we hate ourselves" crap.

D said...

Ya, most of them shut up at half time.

Adam said...

This classic is from theebears.com who is throwing rocks in a glass house about attendance issues.

Another commenter called it "TCU's Super Bowl" That's too funny.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

its amazing how they continually make hits on our attendance as if they have no problems at all but they do bring up a good point...our students suck as usual and without most of th original spitblood crew around to keep to those fuckers in check, it seems to be getting worse...maybe we should move from V to X and show these kids how its done

Angry Trey said...

Even if the Frogs were hyped to play Baylor, how was Baylor not hyped to play the 4th ranked team in the country? Lets be real.

More nonsense from the most delusional fan base in college football. Nothing but excuses and lame comments coming from Briles, the Track Star and their ignorant fans.

D said...

someone should definitely do a write up on tcu student fans.

i heard you can hear crickets over there since we moved to v.

I looked up at our old stomping grounds after halftime, nobody.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Considering the Baylor players were jawing and talking smack on the field, I think they were hyped up... Baylor fans can act like TCU wanted this more than Baylor, but that just means they don't have any competitive fire. Either their team just doesn't care or they suck... Or both. Is that it Baylor fans? Of course you could just admit that TCU is superior to you in every way that matters on the football field, but I guess that doesn't fall into your fairy tale world.

Tanner said...

The students were lively as could be on that day... we were in between W and V, and sweat was literally rolling off my nose and onto the sweaty back of the guy in front of me. The heat was just... stifling. Like our defense. Plus, if it was a sellout, about 5,000 fans stayed in the a/c, because, while there were fans all over the stadium, there were empty seats all over too.

Summary: it was too damned hot, we'll do better against a real competitor and lower temps. Plus i was there with a baylor classmate of mine... who was too embarrassed to go back after the first quarter.

When I got back to class on monday, the guy who was talking smack who played football for baylor before said, and I quote... "I'm not going to another Baylor game this year."

Go Frogs.