Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Morning Dump

Southern Methodist vs TCU CBS Sports





Bumblebeetuna said...

The baseball link is wrong

Rotten Arsenal said...

I officially take back anything good I ever said about Robert Griffin the Turd and now hope that he and his Bears lose every game he plays in. Congrats RGIII, you have taken over Dolt McCoy's spot as my Big12 Focus of Hate.

buffalo said...

"allergic to losing" - guess he's not allergic to being a bitch.

LA Frog said...

I'll make sure we don't ever have a showing like that again if I have anything to do with it."

What is he going to say after the Tech game or UT game or OSU game or the OU game, etc, etc, etc?

Shouldn't you be focusing on Rice instead of crying about the beatdown?

LA Frog said...

I didn't sign up to get beat down like that."

Then why did you chose Baylor?