Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Morning Dump


The opponent:




Tanner said...

rifle link is wrong.

D said...

Thanks Tanner

LA Frog said...

Did the Kansas City Star really compare RG3 to Shoetread (or whatever the Michgan QBs nickname is)? Shoetread has rushed and passed for over 400 yds in 2 games -- RG3 has rushed for 86 yds in that time. That is 1 LESS than Dalton. KC Star -- do you have a Big 12 team in your city? No, then focus on KU, they just beat a ranked team -- don't focus on things you know nothing about -- a team that hasn't gone to a bowl game in over a decade.

Rotten Arsenal said...

Baylor hasn't been to a bowl since 1994 (no bowls since they joined the Big12). Currently, there are only 6 other teams that have a longer bowl drought (Duke last went to a bowl game in 1994 as well):

Louisiana-Monroe 1947 (Junior Sugar Bowl)

New Mexico State 1960 (Sun)

Western Kentucky 1963 (Tangerine)

Louisiana-Lafayette 1970 (Grantland Rice)

Kent State 1972 (Tangerine)

Eastern Michigan 1987 (California)

That's 1 WAC, 2 MAC, and 3 Sun Belt teams. Even SEC doormat Vanderbilt has been to a bowl game since Baylor.
Baylor needs to face facts... they are the worst football program in a Big 6 conference... period. And they may think that they could come to the MWC and run the table, but logic dictates otherwise.